Verizon, the last link of 3G in the US is disconnected from the primitive network

The end of 3G has come to the United States. The last company that protected the users of this technology, Verizonclosed its services on December 31, 2022. For months it has been sending warnings to its customers and sending them new phones with capacity LTEbut they have maintained 3G until the end of the year.

In February it was AT&T who suppressed this service and in March did the same T Mobileso Verizon was the only carrier that still allowed data usage, calls, and texting over 3G technology in the US.

But Verizon has wanted be more flexible and allow its users to be able to call 911 and customer service until the day before their February billing cycle.

The disconnection of 3G is an aid for the main operators to move towards progress, such as the T-Mobile 5G technologywhich uses the spectrum that was once part of the 3G network.

The total blackout of 3G in the US has resulted in terrible effects like cars and trucks, or parking meters and old Kindles, being disconnected, creating chaos in certain sectors as their devices are affected and suffering irreparable damage.

3G, a revolutionary technology

The first 3G phones emerged in the early 2000sAlthough it is true that this network gained weight in the US after the appearance of smartphones. Thanks to them, it was possible to have a fast and efficient Internet connection, within everyone’s reach, allowing files or music to be shared simultaneously.

In addition, it also had a commercial function, because thanks to 3G telephones it was possible to promote LTE and other alternatives like WiMAX. Therefore, it is possible to ensure that 3G has revolutionized the mobile telephony sector.

The situation of 3G in Spain

In the last thirty years, the changes and progress experienced in mobile telephone networks have been constant until reaching the current 5G model. In Spain, 3G and 4G networks are still preserved, but for companies it is increasingly more expensive and less profitable keep them.

In addition, this space can be used for more efficient networks following the strategy of the refarming. And it is that the 900MHz and 2.1 GHz bands used by 3G will now provide greater speed in the case of crowds and certain buildings, generating a more rewarding experience for users. (

For all these reasons, Vodafone has announced its commitment to definitively get rid of 3G in Spain during 2023. The process already began in some locations on November 7. Now 4G will become the main data network to which users can connect, since it represents 98% of the population.

Vodafone will maintain 2G to be able to make calls if you don’t have VOLTE, although they will not see the ‘H’ symbol for coverage or ‘3G’ when talking and browsing. Thus, it has been allowing its affected users to obtain a new SIM for free or change their smartphone with a special offer.

For other operators, such as Movistarthe goal is for the copper network to be replaced by fiber before 2025, date set for the shutdown of the 3G network. Thus, the dominant operator in Spain will not end 3G until it closes its ADSL exchanges and the fiber optic FTTH networks.

Regarding the shutdown of 2G, no decision has yet been made. date, although following the announcement of the arrival of the NB-loT network, customers are expected to migrate. However, many M2M connections depend on it, with Movistar being one of the most powerful operators in Spain in this regard.

Orange will close the cycle in a period of five years

The French operator has announced that 3G will be turned off in 2025, coinciding in date with Movistar. He has also ensured that the expiration date of 2G is set for 2030although each country will have a different calendar and may vary slightly depending on the connections and adaptation.

Technology does not stop advancing by leaps and bounds, therefore, given the limited radio frequency spectrumcompanies are forced to bet on 4G and 5G, suppressing the most obsolete networks.

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