Video games on TikTok? This is the function that you can already use on your mobile

TikTok is not the first social network to set its sights on the video game market, aware that it is a phenomenon that will not stop growing and that it can bring in a good amount of income. Especially if we take into account that the number of potential users with a mobile in their pockets is a little higher every day than the previous one. So how can you resist being part of such a thriving industry with virtually guaranteed income?

months of testing

It is a fact that TikTok wants to make the leap to video games and, although it was something that had been known for months due to movements that it had carried out together with firms such as Zynga (with titles such as Crazy Disc 3D), we just needed to know the instant when these little entertainments would be available within the social network.


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And that moment has arrived because if you look on your mobile and open the TikTok application, You will be able to see publications in which the possibility of enjoying these little hobbies has been added. And keep in mind that the format chosen by the social network is none other than the content associated with a publication, that is, almost at the same level as the video or music that we choose to accompany our live dance.

How to add a game on a TikTok

If you want to start sharing video games within TikTok right now, you just have to do the following. And the first thing is to open the app and go to create a new content in the social network, clicking on the icon with the “+” that you have at the bottom. Then you record the video with the duration you want and click on the button Following.

And this is where the important thing comes in because on the Publish screen you will have the possibility to Add link. When you touch there you will see at the bottom that they offer us the option to attach a Minigame. So we touch on that shortcut and we will go to the next page, where the titles are already available with a button. Select to stay with the one we like the most.

Today, the minigames available on TikTok they are seven:

  • Basketball FRVR (from FRVR)
  • Tap the Difference (from Lotem)
  • peek a who (from Nitre)
  • Pride Run (from Voodoo)
  • influencer run (from Voodoo)
  • space destroyer (from Nitre)
  • Mr. Aim Lab’s Nightmare (from Aims Labs)

Tapping on that button Select We will automatically return to the Publish screen with the link to the minigame already added, as you can see on the screen above on the right. Finally, you only have to check that all the data of the new video that you are going to upload to TikTok is correct and click on Post.

Everyone who sees your post will be able to play a few games to basketball or to any other minigame that you have selected from those available which, by the way, in the coming months their number will increase progressively.

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