Vikings 6: review of the epic TV series finale

With the twentieth episode of Vikings 6, the historical fiction created by Michael Hrist, which began in 2013, which has given many characters and unforgettable moments over the years.

We witnessed the beginning of the Norse saga with the adventures of a Norwegian farmer named Ragnar Lothbrok, who thanks to his spirit and his ingenuity has become the most famous Viking warrior in history and has continued with his nourished offspring until the inevitable twilight, between England and America.

The Vikings finale and the old way

“In front of a new earth will you continue to behave as in the old world? If you do so, it is as if you have never left Kattegat ”. These are more or less the words that Othere addresses to Ubbe, while together they admire once again the immense panorama of the New Earth, rich in possibilities and natural resources.

Unfortunately, the answer is not long in coming when Naad, a Viking from Ubbe’s crew, sneaks into the indigenous camp in an attempt to search for gold. Discovered by the son of the priestess, Naad assaults him and finally kills him; once again the single greed and greed of an individual have prevailed over the collective. After being captured, the murderer is left to his people who unanimously decide to condemn him to the final torture: the blood eagle. In all of this, Floki helplessly witnesses the same scenes of violence and madness that had forced him to flee the Icelandic colony.


Your eyes are blue, Ivar

Moving to England, the Saxon army and the Viking invasion army are ready to do battle again. But before the decisive battle, Ivar he tries a last desperate move, to circumvent the pious King Alfred, proposing a peace with an exchange of prisoners and establishing any conditions, possibly advantageous for the Norsemen. However Alfred, however reluctant, decides not to accept the treaty, realizing what Ivar’s true intentions are.

Then we arrive at the final battle, without too many subterfuges and particular tactics, but in the open field. Ivar’s only intuition is to use catapults with burning projectiles which, however, are not particularly effective. The carnage begins, and it is difficult to understand which of the two sides will prevail. In the throes of a real warrior trance, Itzverk he gets rid of numerous Englishmen, until Ivar himself stops him and takes command of the Norsemen. On the battlefield, Alfred invokes God, while Ivar asks Odin in vain what to do, both of whom share a sense of despair and abandonment.

At the height of the battle, Ivar almost seems to acquire supernatural powers and his gestures are copied and replicated by Norse warriors, as if they were puppets, but it is an effect that does not last long: he finds himself in front of an English soldier who terrified, pierces him more and more. several times with a dagger.

So it falls Ivar Without Bones, the youngest son of Ragnar Lothbrok, despairing in his brother’s arms and confessing his fear of facing death.

vikings ivar 6

Athelstan, new Saxon prince

The rest of the Norse army, without King’s guidance Harald Finehair And Ivar, retires and remains in the hands of the English Itzverk who does not seem to put up much resistance: he is allowed to bury his brother according to Norse customs and is finally “invited” to be part of King Alfred’s court, after having abjured pagan idols and after having received the baptism with the name of Athelstan, even receiving the noble title of prince: probably a move by the English king to further strengthen his power at home and also among the Vikings.

In all this, I personally consider Itzverk a melancholy character, whom life has often put to the test and who in the end is defeated and tamed. Meanwhile a Kattegat the rumors run fast: Harald and Ivar dead, Itzverk captured … Ingrid becomes in effect the new queen, immediately acclaimed as such by the people gathered in the palace: is it the beginning of a new era or the beginning of decline?

Farewell to Norse heroes in the Vikings finale

So then we find ourselves in front of the final of Vikings that leaves open future scenarios for the Norse colonists in America, for the reign of the new Regina Ingrid and for that of King Alfred. Trying to take stock of all the seasons is very difficult, both because several years have passed between the first and last and because the last two seasons were objectively less interesting than the previous ones, but it is also understandable to understand that it was not always possible to keep high expectations.

Many characters loved by the public have disappeared or their part has been conspicuously reduced: I am among the first to regret characters like Ragnar, Athelstan, Rollo, Ecbert and I confess that I have never been particularly fond of Ragnar’s children, especially Ivar. Particularly tedious I found Ivar and Itzverk’s stay in Kiev as guests of the madman Oleg, while I found the clash between the Rus and the Norsemen in Norse territory very exciting. Just in that epic battle we had to say goodbye Bjorn the Armor, and first also the invincible Lagertha, companion of Ragnar and heroic shield-maiden.

The era of the great Viking warriors seems to come at sunset, a bit like in the last scene in which Ubbe And Floki they admire the ocean from a North American beach, wondering what the future holds for them: repeatedly consulted by Ragnar’s eldest son, Floki admits that he no longer knows many things and that he prefers to live a very simple life that will soon end. He smiles Ubbe imagining a prosperous future for his people in this new land, perhaps waiting for the moment when he will be recalled by Odin in the Walhalla.

And now I turn to you, fans of the series and enthusiasts in general who have followed the first exploits of Ragnar and associates: how do you feel to judge the series of History Channel? Are you satisfied with the Vikings 6 ending or did you expect other situations well? Leave a comment or express an opinion without mincing words! Skall!

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