Villainous Perfectly Wretched: the review of the fourth chapter of the saga

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Perfectly Wretched, the fourth chapter (or the third expansion if you prefer to call it that) of Disney Villainous it also arrived on our tables and we, as usual, could not refrain from playing it in order to be able to talk about it extensively in this review.

Just like all the previous chapters, Perfectly Wretched is also a stand-alone title, that is, we can play it both with and without the base game Villainous: The Worst Takes It All.

Villainous’s review: Perfectly Wretched

This review from Villainous: Perfectly Wretched will obviously not be focused on the basic mechanics of the game, which have practically remained unchanged compared to those of the other games in the saga, but on the peculiarities of the new characters.

First we must know that this box allows you to play in 2 or 3 players, over 10 years of age (but combining it with other boxes can expand the experience up to 6 players), in games lasting 45-60 minutes each.

On the back of the red game box (which you can purchase TO THIS ADDRESS) we will find the names of the characters included, namely: Cruella Demon from “The charge of 101”, Mother Gothel from “Rapunzel”, and, directly from “Steamboat Willie” (the first Mickey Mouse movie) Wooden leg, which comes with strictly black and white components.

Inside the box we will find, as usual, the iconic abstract miniatures in colored resin depicting the characters, the cards, the player board and, this time, also a good dose of additional material customized for each character.

Villainous Perfectly Wretched 1

Having made this necessary premise, we just have to start playing with the sole purpose of completing the evil goal of our villan!

Gaining Rapunzel’s Trust with Mother Gothel

Let’s start by talking about Mother Gothel, from Rapunzel. His goal is to start the turn with at least 10 trust tokens.

Rapunzel is a particular heroine, depicted on a special card and who always moves to the adjacent place on the right at the end of the turn, can never be removed from the board. When she is defeated she is in fact “escorted” back to the Tower.

To achieve her goal, Mother Gothel will have to use her allies and her cards carefully to avoid getting Rapunzel to reach Corona. Should the young princess be there at the end of the shift, before the forced movement, Mother Gothel he would lose 1 confidence token.

Fortunately, playing as this character will come to the rescue the Stabbington brothers, two powerful allies, and the card “Now I turn into the villain”, which with some combos becomes quite interesting.

Once we have earned the coveted 10 trust tokens and finished the round of the table unscathed (that is, if no fate cards played by the opponents against us will force us to give up part of the loot) we will have won!

Kidnap Dalmatian puppies along with Cruella Demon

If we choose Cruella our goal will be to start our turn with at least 99 Dalmatian kidnapped under our bridge.

This character possesses several Puppy tokens, representing 11 or 22 puppies each, which must be made to “appear” on the board and then be kidnapped or “regularly purchased” (of course, right?) by Cruella and her henchmen.

The Puppy tokens are placed face down in the middle of the table at the start of the game and can be turned and moved whenever the cards played allow it or when the Horace, from Gaspar or of the Torch are activated.

Villainous Perfectly Wretched 4

First we will have to be able to find out where the puppies are, playing the cards that allow us to choose a token (face down or uncovered) from the center of the table and place it on the corresponding place. Then we will have to use Horace or Gaspar to kidnap them and take them under our bridge.

To win, even in this case, once 99 puppies have been kidnapped we will have to finish the round of the table unscathed.

Command in the city alongside Gambadilegno

Last among the characters included is Wooden leg, probably the most innovative and original character of the whole saga.

In the kit of this character, in addition to the classic resin miniature, the dashboard and the guide to the Villain we also find 5 goal tiles.

At the beginning of the game we randomly choose 4, and place them face down on our board, one per Place. Now we can look at them (without showing them to the opponents) and find out what we need to do to win the game.

Once solved, the corresponding objective must be turned over, read to the opponents and discarded. As soon as we have reached all 4 of them, we will immediately win.

Obviously the opponents will see, on their help cards, the 5 possible objectives and will be able to get an idea during the game of where and how to best fight us to prevent us from winning!

Two other peculiarities of Wooden leg concern:

  • the Item Cards, that if on the one hand they can only be played in a certain place, on the other hand they allow an extra action to be made available to the player;
  • the Bandit Cards, which can be played sequentially using a single “play a card” action, as long as we can afford to pay them all.

The conclusions to our review of Villainous: Perfectly Wretched

The time has come for conclusions. As for the components there is little to say: Villainous Perfectly Wretched it could not disappoint us but, on the contrary, it even manages to exceed our expectations thanks to the addition of new components, perfectly in line with the quality to which the other titles in the saga had accustomed us.

At the level of gameplay, all the characters turned out to be really very interesting, albeit at times thealea in fishing it can force us to play more often than we would like on the spaces that allow us to discard cards (a problem common to all versions of the game, however).

Wooden leg it is among all the 15 characters present in the different boxes it is the most original one. The setup is customized and the fact that it has to reach 4 objectives out of the 5 available gives numerous game combinations making all the games quite different from each other.

Villainous Perfectly Wretched 5

Cruella Demon, the most iconic (and probably the most famous) character among those present is a lot of fun to play. The cards and the setting are very successful and cured, once again, to the limit of the manic. Playing it, we find ourselves fully identified with that game similar to “cops and robbers” that characterizes the plot of the cartoon, with Dalmatians who are kidnapped and returned to the reserve in a whirlwind of emotions and politically correct curses. Probably the most successful character of the entire saga!

Also Mother Gothel is a very fun character to play. The cards reserve us deceptions, tricks and a pinch of wickedness. The game in his shoes is a continuous “push and pull” aimed at making sure that Rapunzel does not stray too far from the Tower. After all we “love her so much” that we cannot let her go too lightly!

We conclude ours review from Perfectly Wrteched with advice. If you have another version of Disney Villainous, but you are still deciding which expansion to buy first, the answer is only one: this! If you already have them all, well get Perfectly Wretched too because I’m sure you won’t regret it for sure!

You can buy it at THIS ADDRESS. And don’t forget to buy the card sleeves Standard Card Game size, better the slim fit ones so that they fit comfortably in the box.

Villainous Perfectly Wretched 3

Villainous Perfectly Wretched: the (almost) perfect expansion

With this third expansion, Disney Villainous surprises us again (and it wasn’t easy) with new characters that bring with them some really interesting new secondary mechanics. And the most sensational thing is that despite the innovations gradually included in the different expansions, the games always remain balanced and in the balance until the end with any character in the game, new or old!


The new heroes bring some freshness to the game

The most successful expansion of all


The alea in fishing can sometimes affect a little too much

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