Virtual lands in the metaverse are for sale and fetch $ 2.4 million

It seems that buying a property where to build your house has been in the past, because today is buying land at metaverse, but perhaps you can be amazed at the value of these, as a fraction of Earth virtual it was sold in $ 2.4 million in cryptocurrencies, that is, just over 42 million Mexican pesos.

This land is located in Decentraland, a virtual environment that is part of the metaverse, which is being developed by several companies to offer users the sale of land, have a daily life, work and walk around the place so that they can communicate with each other through avatars customized.

The buyers were The Metaverse Group, a subsidiary of the portal; the land with a value of 2.4 million dollars consists of 116 parcels of 4.9 square meters, which in total add up to 566. According to the investors, this virtual place will be used to develop estate to carry out events of digital fashion.

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The metaverse expands

Since Mark Zuckerberg announced that the name of Facebook would change to Goal to develop the metaverse, other companies such as Microsoft showed great interest in creating worlds where it virtual and the physical converge through the technology.

One of the pioneers in the development of these virtual worlds was precisely Decentreland, who formed a blockchain industry since 2017 to create virtual realities in third dimension so that users could build a digital life with communities to interact with each other.

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These projects allow users and other investors to promote and position new brands, contents, collections of NFT’s, or even perform concerts and another type of events virtually.

After the announcement of the millionaire sale, the director of the Decentraland Foundation assured that this will help more investors consider buying land in the metaverse to create a larger community that allows the talent behind the developers of great ideas and Projects.

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