Viupik promotes hyper-realistic 3D architectural visualization

The company Viupik, recently selected by Lanzadera in its September call focused on startups from innovative sectors, has become one of the pioneering organizations in its field. Specifically, it offers, through its interactive technology with 3D virtual toursa new way of selling real estate projects.

The company was founded in November 2021 by a single partner, Ramón Gea. Since then it has grown organically to reach a team of more than 12 people who provide services to large companies in the real estate sector, having Housfy and Gestilar as main partners.

Renders and 3D scenes

Viupik builds in addition to renders (images), 3D scenes that can be explored with total freedom of movement so that customers can visit the house by interacting with it.

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And it is that, the latest 3D technology allows the rendering of scenes for interior renderings, videos and virtual tours personalized in real time. This may be the best option for those projects that require a large number of images at a much higher price reduced than traditional renders.

The Viupik team is made up of young artists from architecture, interior design and the world of cinema, determined to enter the world of 3D visualization for architecture, interiors and products. The staff is installed in Madrid but in turn made up of people from cities such as Barcelona, ​​Valencia or Seville.

Some of the works of the team members include professional collaborations within the 3D animation industry, such as Totti, an animated short directed by Shad Bradbury, (animator for Pixar Animation Studios on films like inside-out either Coconut), which boasts of being the first footage to use the MNPRX rendering system.

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