Why Small Businesses Should Have a 3CX Phone Switch

The latest changes at the labor level that have occurred in our country, such as telecommuting or hybrid work, the regulations around new tax obligations and other series of circumstances have further complicated business management. One of the great needs that have been generated, especially in small entrepreneurs, is to have a comprehensive, efficient communication system that adapts to their growth needs.

The objectives of SMEs at a technical level, such as having flexible solutions, serving all their customers and potential customers and focusing on what offers value to the business are increasingly crucial. Technology can do a lot for small business managers, namely omnichannel communications in the cloud, What the Telephone Switchboard 3CX. Also now they offer a free year so that small entrepreneurs discover all its functionalities.

3CX SMB Features

The 3CX Telephone Switchboard brings together all requirements that are usually requested by those responsible for small and medium-sized companies. It is flexible (grows with your business), inexpensive (no hardware is paid) and easy to administer. Let’s see what its main functionalities are:

1 – A single platform for all your communications: Now you will have all your cloud communications in one place to facilitate their management. By having advanced call center functionalities, calls will be much more efficient, and you will be able to respond to customers through the chat on your website and Facebook messages. All this from a communications solution.

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  • Live chat: the vast majority of consumers prefer to chat with someone, in real time, than to call on the phone. Incorporating this technology into your SME’s system and website will not only get more satisfied customers, but communication management will be much easier. In addition, in the case of 3CX Live chat, you can give your users the option to switch to call or video to solve more complicated problems.
  • Chat from FacebookContrary to what was said, having a Facebook page does not benefit your business, unless it is “alive.” If a client comes to you for help and is not taken care of, it will harm you more than anything. With the 3CX solution you will be able to integrate business Facebook, so messages are sent immediately to the web client and mobile apps so that they can respond in almost real time. In this way you will save time, increase customer satisfaction and also conversions.

2 – Connect personnel remotely. Either because you have part of the staff teleworking or because there are workers who need to travel, with this cloud solution you can easily communicate with them, both by voice, chat or video. Being able to simply add iOS or Android apps to their mobile phones and receive all notifications.

3 – Reduce costs in communications. You will not need to invest in desk phones or other devices, in addition, since everything is in the cloud, you will reduce your phone bill by up to 80%. You do not have to add additional applications and you will save on monthly subscriptions of some of these services that you have contracted separately. Additionally, 3CX is free for unlimited users, and offers free hosting for the first year.

Definitely, the Telephone switchboard 3CX is the perfect solution for small businessesas it is as simple to use as setting up a virtual phone system and getting up and running in minutes. Also, with the 3CX hosting option you don’t have to worry about monitoring or maintaining the tool. If your SME grows, you can increase the switchboard without problems and always offering fast and professional attention to customers.

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