Wakanda Forever! Seagate launches specially designed Black Panther hard drives

We have seen in recent years how Seagate has launched different storage units based on series, movies and video games. One of the most striking editions were the external hard drives based on Cyberpunk 2077. There are also special editions based on Star Wars, Sapider-man or Hallo, among others.

So are the special editions of these external hard drives

This week opens in cinemas The expected delivery Black Panther Wakanda Forever, a new cinematographic installment of the Marvel universe. Seagate has just introduced its officially licensed movie-based FireCuda external hard drives. We can find four different models that will delight fans of the saga.

We have two T’Challa Based Units, also known as Black Panther. One of these units is the King of Wakanda, where we see Black Panther sitting on his throne. In addition, we have a unit based on Okoye and a unit Shuri based.

All four units on the front have an RGB lighting strip, just like the base models of these units. Moreover, they are FireCuda units gaming externals with a custom design, simply put.

Seagate has announced several capabilities, coming up to 2 TB total is capacity. How could it be otherwise, these units are compatible with PC, Mac, PlayStation and Xbox. So we can not only store our files, but also games or games.

Something interesting about these units is the RGB lighting located on the front. We find at this point a RGB LED system based on Razer Chroma technology. We can control the lighting through software in a simple way, achieving great customization.

These units do not require an independent power supply, they are powered directly by a USB 3.2 Gen1 port. They offer universal compatibility and high speeds, although these have not been specified. They also stand out for being quite light units, allowing them to be carried everywhere in a comfortable way.

Unfortunately, it will be difficult for you to get one

Very possibly you are looking between the sofa cushions to collect every last cent and buy one of these hard drives. The problem is that they are units exclusive to Walmar USA and Asia-Pacific, so getting one will be complicated. A pity that it is something so localized, since surely you had the intention of acquiring one.

It should be noted that these storage units have only a one year warranty from Seagate. Plus, they offer a year of data recovery service in case something happens to the drive while you’re using it. The truth is that in this sense they have stretched less than a foosball goalkeeper, since a guarantee of only one year is very little.

These units, only for sale at Walmart have a price of 109.99 dollarss, although on the Seagate website they are priced at 149.99 euros, despite not being for sale in Spain.

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