Warzone hackers now spam in-game

The law cheats

This cheats and hackers in games will never cease to amaze us. If previously we had seen software in charge of automatically targeting the enemy and even with the possibility of seeing between the walls, now the feat seeks another type of objective, since the function is none other than encouraging all those users interested in the traps to buy the necessary software for it.

This is what has happened with the Warzone leaderboards, since the user OPMarked has denounced the current situation in the game. And it is that you only have to take a look at the general classification table to verify that something is not working correctly.

A website as a username

Warzone traps

Just take a quick look at the leaderboard to see how the first users to the top of the list use somewhat suspicious names. And it is that after a second visual we will be able to verify that, in addition to having practically unattainable figures, these players use the reference to a web page as a name.

And that is where the problem lies, since in addition to making use of a very subtle spam, it invites users to visit websites where packs and aids are sold to get certain advantages in the game. After taking a look at what these websites offer, at no time are they sold wallhacks or aimbots, which are practically the main scourge of multiplayer, however, if they sell cosmetic packs that can only be obtained by completing a large number of challenges. For example, the Dark Matter pack requires completing the Diamond challenge, something that requires many hours of play.

These websites allow you to get it quickly by paying an amount that ranges between 50 and 120 dollars, and although we do not know exactly the process, it probably will not be reduced to the sale of profiles that have previously been hacked, or need your username and password. Activision to log into your account (something we recommend never doing).

There’s a solution?

Probably the use of this type of modified accounts has a difficult solution, although the websites warn that there is a small possibility that Activision will ban the accounts. The only solution is to make users aware that these types of methods only affect the good of the community, so it is more about an education in the way we play and accept this type of methods rather than create tools that block them. We’ll see if Vanguard’s anti-cheat system is of any use.

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