Watch out! If you use these apps on your Android you have to delete them as soon as possible

Fake apps steal data on Android

It is a series of programs that have more than two million installations. Therefore, it could affect many users who have installed any of these applications. The problem is that they have managed to sneak into Google Play, the official store of Android applications. This means that they have passed a security filter and many have been able to install them thinking that they really were reliable programs. It is not the first time this has happened.

They are mainly applications that promise a device performance improvement and optimize it. Many users resort to these programs because their mobile is slow or they have a problem, but in reality what ends up happening is that they can spy on them, sneak malware or steal passwords.

Some applications, such as the case of TubeBox, promises financial rewards simply for watching videos or ads through its app. But beyond being a scam and never giving those rewards, what they do do is collect information from the victim. A problem that will compromise privacy.

These are the apps that are really a scam:

  • Bluetooth device auto connect: is a Bluetooth related application and has more than a million downloads
  • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi & USB drivers: also related to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, it has more than 100,000 downloads
  • Volume, Music Equalizer: an application to control volume and music
  • Fast Cleaner & Cooling Master: Promises to optimize your device and make it work better

All of these apps load URLs that lead to web pages where they load fraudulent ads onto infected devices. In some cases, attackers even have remote access to the device and can use it as a proxy server. Other applications related to loans and banks have also been widely used.

How to avoid fake apps on Android

So what can we do to avoid installing applications that are really frauds? The main thing is look very well where you download them from. But of course, we have seen that sometimes they even sneak them into Google Play. Therefore, beyond that, it is also convenient to see ratings from other users, comments and detect anything strange.

In addition, if you install an application and see that it does not work as it should, that it looks strange or you find anything that makes you doubt, the best thing is uninstall it immediately. This will prevent them from further infecting the device or stealing data without you noticing.

On the other hand, having security programs is interesting. A good antivirus can help detect malware of this type and avoid installing fake programs. They can hack a mobile remotely and it is essential to be protected so as not to have problems of any kind.

You should also keep in mind the importance of updating the device. In many cases, hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities that may exist. Always install the latest versions and in this way you will avoid problems.

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