We already know the brightness of the LG OLED G2 and C2: little improvement over the OLEDs of 2021

We already know the brightness of the LG OLED G2 and C2: little improvement over the OLEDs of 2021. Although some expected like rain in May a real revolution in terms of brightness of the LG OLEDs of 2022 when the manufacturer announced the improves with its OLED.EX panelsthe truth is that they represent a minimal improvement with respect to what is already known in 2021.

Brightness of the LG OLED G2 and C2: more of the same

We already know the brightness of the LG OLED G2 and C2: little improvement over the OLEDs of 2021
We already know the brightness of the LG OLED G2 and C2: little improvement over the OLEDs of 2021

Has been Value ElectronicsNorth American reference store, who thanks to the well-known professional calibrator D Nicehave been able to measure the brightness of both the C2 model and the G2 model live, which we summarize here in this news and in the attached video (in addition to explaining some more things).

In fact, everything indicated that it was going to be like that; only the official news from the manufacturer itself offered us a different and distorted vision of that more possible “reality”. with his announcement of OLED.EX panelsthat nobody had foreseen nor had any information about it, the expert world of televisions was made to doubt that it could be a revolution… but no.

According to the Korean brand itself, these new panels were going to bring us 30% more brightness over OLED panels. conventional, eye with the tint. For LG, the conventional OLED panels are the WBC panels, not the OLED Evo panels (WBE panels) which you can easily check if your TV has one in this attached tutorial.

The reality, therefore, indicated that if 30% was over normal panels and that EVO panels already had 20% more over conventional ones, the new OLEDs of 2022 were going to have only 10% more nits than those of 2021. And so it has been, almost perfectly calculated.

Brightness measurements of the new C2 and G2 OLEDs

LG OLED-C2As we were saying, thanks to D-Nice we currently know a real brightness figure (in nits) for both models, measured with a reference spectrophotometer, in addition to having carried out the measurement on the most correct factory modes (FILMMAKER) without any filter activated. The numbers speak for themselves:

LG OLED-C2 775 nits 89 nits 30 nits 285 nits 158 nits
LG OLED G2 871 nits 89 nits 30 nits 285 nits 158 nits

As you can see, the difference lies only in the 10% window (which is normally used as a reference to measure brightness in HDR) and between the G2 last year’s G1, there is only a difference between a range of approximately 40 to 80 nits. In the case of C2, the difference with the Last year’s C1 is even lower, being pretty much the same in terms of brightness.

Also remember that nits are a non-linear unit of brightness. That is, to perceive approximately twice the brightness, we would need to multiply the nits from one panel to another by four, so 10% more nits does not equal 10% more brightness.

The revolution will come from the hand of Samsung and its QD-OLED

Samsung OLEDThe other day we already told you several news about the two QD-OLED televisions that are to come, both from Samsung. A, the well-known Sony A95K, which promises to be one of the best televisions of the year. The other, the great unknown, the Samsung S95B at a much more competitive price than the Japanese manufacturer.

Regardless of the winner, what is clear is that the new OLED technology, QD-OLED, does represent a great step forward, reaching levels of 1000-1200 nits at 10%, 250 nits at full screen and coverage chromaticity of the BT.2020 color space that can even exceed 90%, not to mention its great advantages such as almost complete immunity to burning and retention and the absence of the white sub-pixel, which can “wash out” the color in the images. highlights in HDR. We have to wait to be able to draw more accurate conclusions, being able to analyze all the 2022 models. There is less left.

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