Microsoft willing to offer Sony 10-year Call of Duty concession

When the possibility of becoming the Third world giant in the video game industry is on the table, compassion is in the background. You will all remember that Microsoft paid in the middle of last January 68.700 million of dollars by Activision Blizzard + King, the most expensive agreement in history in this sector. Well, this purchase has not yet been approved by the regulatory bodies of the European Union they’re being really cautious about it.

In this situation, Microsoft has responded with an unbeatable offer so that your purchase becomes official: grant sony a ten year license for call of duty and that in this way it is seen with different eyes by the EU.

But the EU opened an investigation in early November fearing that Microsoft be done with the exclusiveness of sagas as successful as call of dutywhich could push video game fans to leave PlayStation a pc either Xbox.

Initially Microsoft responded to Sony in a conciliatory mode, assuring him that the concession terms would be extended beyond what was agreed. But later he changed his speech, assuring that there were no titles in Activision that were essential.

According to a new report from the Reuters agency, the EU would be willing to publish a formal list of competition concerns. Is ‘Statement of objection’ could see the light at the beginning of 2023, and for which Microsoft is already preparing with a new offensive: offer Sony a Call of Duty 10 year license.

However, it remains to be seen whether both EU regulators and Sony accept such an agreement. Faced with this situation, the spokesman for Microsoft He has assured in a recent interview with Reuters: “”We want people to have more access to games, not less, so we do not understand Sony’s concern.”

At the moment, few countries are in favor of this transaction. Of the 16 states regulators, single Brazil Y arabian Saudi have approved it, although everything indicates that Serbian You will also give your consent. The EU control body has the obligation to pronounce itself before the April 11, 2023.

A new problem for Microsoft

The company could face a demand from the hands of the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Yet the purchase challenge. This would mean a setback in the career of Microsoft for gaining control of the sector from July 2023the date on which it expects to conclude the purchase of Activision.

Everyone questions what the EU bodies will respond to, although they are usually quite blunt in this regard. Remember that NVIDIA already tried to buy arms and it was not possible. The goal has always been and will be maintain a regulated market in which monopolies are avoided and therefore the anti-competitive practices.

The agreement reached in January aims to convert Microsoft in the third power gaming of the world, after Tencent Y sonymaking its way on mobile, consoles, PC and building blocks for the metaverse.

Supposes that Microsoft take control of powerful Sony franchises such as warcraft, Devil either Candy Crushamong others, in addition to the Call Of Duty stronghold.

The deal was originally expected to close before June 2023but for the moment, the ball of Microsoft it sits on the roof of the EU regulatory bodies.

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