We celebrate 15 years of TPNET in style!

He May 22, 2008 MuyComputer was born (currently MC). The first online publication of the Total Publishing Network (TPNET) group was the cornerstone of our publishing house, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. A very special event that we want to celebrate in style.

During this time, MuyComputer has become a reference medium for consumer technology, coexisting with satellite media in the form of specialized blogs such as MuyInternet, MuyMac, MuyWindows or very linuxthe Spanish publication with the largest audience in the Open Source community.

A short time later our professional publications arrived. VeryComputerPro, known today as MCPROdedicated to business technology for large companies; VerySMEsdesigned for small and medium-sized companies, and, finally verychanneldesigned to give space to technological partners.

With all of them, the TPNET community began to roll and gain a foothold in the technological media market. A space that with a lot of effort has managed to give us these 15 years of news of all kinds.

The iPhone, GPS and the technology of 2008

2008 was a year in which MySpacethe P2P networks to download files or the revolution of GPS were the hot topicstrending topics) of the moment. A year in which we saw the consolidation of the first iPhone, launched in June 2007, and a glimpse of the second generation that incorporated the capacity to connect to 3G networks.

During this year, Toshiba said goodbye to its format HDDVD giving victory to Blu-ray from Sony and Philips, among others. It was the end of a fight in which we had seen how these two formats wanted to become the winning standard.

After the dotcom crisis in the late 1990s, in 2008 companies were somewhat more prepared to enter the world of the Internet. For this reason, and despite the stock market and financial crisis, many startups began to flourish with names such as those of Groupon oh Cloudera, among the most prominent.

In the world of videogames, 2008 was the year of the launch of the Nintendo DSi, the portable console of the house that incorporated a camera. Also during this year we saw the birth of GTA IV either Gears of War 2. A time when the PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii consoles already coexisted, obviously, in much less advanced versions than the current ones.

In addition, 2008 was the year that cloud computing took off. What today has been democratized and consolidated, in that year was still a very limited reality to a few cases of use. It would become a revolution, but we still had no idea how big it could be. Nor can we forget that in that year there were still no key services and technology companies today. We talk, among others, about WhatsApp either slackwho were born in 2009, instagram either pinterest which they did in 2010. Social networks were still taking their first steps and they were not the monsters they became later.

This is how we introduced ourselves 15 years ago

A long way to go and what remains to be done

As we said at the beginning, at TPNET we are celebrating 15 years. However, we see this date as the beginning of the change and our goal is to continue celebrating our anniversary and accompany our audience with rigorous and quality consumer and professional technological information.

In full “adolescence”, at TPNET we feel stronger than ever. We are aware of everything that has changed journalism, technology and the world itself, but the effort has been worth it. We have achieved a community with more than 4 million visits, 150,000 registered professionals and 407,000 followers on social networks. A path traveled in which we have been learning, improving and professionalizing our business, but keeping the same essence with which TPNET was born: ingenuity, work and a lot of innovation.

This very special 2023 for TPNET we have prepared different actions to celebrate our 15th anniversary. We want to keep the spirit of this anniversary alive, but, above all, show that in the technological field we are a benchmark not only in information, but also in demand generation.

For this reason, we want you to stay very attentive to our publications in which we will inform you of the next steps on this anniversary. Thank you for joining us, without you we would not have made it!

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