We have a new look (5 minutes) of Oppenheimer and a video of how it was made

Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan.

today is the premiere of oppenheimer in London and although it is not free of controversy -Universal has advanced the event so that they are not caught by the scandalous actors’ strike that should begin today-, not even that can overshadow the first criticisms of the film that even go so far as to ensure that this is the best work in the cinematographic history of Nolan. There are still days left before its arrival in Spain, but to warm up the engines we bring you a new kind of extended trailer of 5 glorious minutes and a video of how the film was made. enjoy them.

New images of Oppenheimer

It is one of the films of the year and, without a doubt, the film of the summer along with Barbie. oppenheimer It is signed by the director Christopher Nolan and that is always a guarantee of success and mass movement. And it is that Nolan’s filmography has too many media titles (Inception, Interstellar, The dark knight) not to expect his new story about the making of the atomic bomb to be another big hit.

It also has a printing division. cillian murphy in the leading role alongside Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr. or Florence Pugh are just some of the names that appear in this complex plot that will surely stir consciences.

Oppenheimer protagonist.

And it is that oppenheimer plan to show us how Julius Robert Oppenheimer, a theoretical physicist from New York who became a key person during the Manhattan Project, in the middle of World War II, whose objective was the creation of the first nuclear bombs. Oppenheimer repented after being responsible for the death of millions of people and came to confess, they say, that he felt his hands were full of blood.

One topic at least controversial and acid in the history of the United States that you can enjoy on July 20. Until then, in addition to the advances we’ve already seen, you can enjoy this opening lookwhich is what they call it, a kind of extended trailer for 5 minutes (in English, yes) in which to take a better look at what you are going to find.

The how the movie was made

In addition to this trailer giveaway, a video has been released on how the film was made, a “behind the scenes“, which allows us to better understand how it all came to be from Nolan’s perspective. It is a 6-minute video in which you will be able to enjoy interviews with the cast, the production team and even the director, to find out many more details about the work behind it.

Luckily this video is Subtitled into Spanish, so if you do not speak English, you will feel much more comfortable watching it, without feeling that you are missing details.

You are already taking time to press the play.

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