We tested the new headphones for the Bang & Olufsen business market

The constant increase in teleworking, which enables work models such as the digital nomad, has made technology aim, more and more, to the business market. One of those brands that is betting on this segment is the Danish firm, bang&Olufsenwhich has launched a range of headphones, especially aimed at teleworkers. From MuyPymes we have had the opportunity to test the models, Beocom Portal and Beocom EX.

Headband headphones, Beocom Portal

Although 100% teleworking had not come to stay, what nobody doubts is the consolidation of the video conferencing and online meetings. Gone are the majority of trips to see a client or to agree something with your team. To carry out these calls successfully, the firm bang & Olufsen proposes incredible headband headphones that are characterized by being soft to the touch and light on the head.

In fact, this model does not sacrifice the design, the high quality of the materials and the craftsmanship that characterize the brand. The corporate universe will enjoy the same sound and aesthetic experience as luxury consumers who are used to buying the firm’s pieces.

The Beocom Portal has a connection Bluetooth, USB port, 3.5 jack and dongle connection, although we always prefer the first one, since it is much more comfortable and faster. The union of headphones and PC is very efficient and provides a high and clear sound quality, in any circumstance.

Another of the things that we liked the most is that, despite its robust design, the pads are light and very comfortable, and the fabric is breathable, so your ears do not sweat from prolonged use. It is ideal, both for video conferences and for listening to music or watching a video and isolating yourself from the environment, thanks to its advanced noise cancellation and surround sound. Something that has caught our attention is that it has a direct button for Zoom from one of the headphones, speeding up the input and use of this platform.

main characteristics:

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  • led battery indicator
  • Four digital MEMS voice microphones
  • Active and adaptive noise cancellation
  • multipoint
  • transparency mode
  • Charges via 5V USB with USB-C connector
  • It has up to 23 hours of autonomy in conversation and up to 47 hours on standby
  • Full charge takes about 120 minutes
  • The battery is 1200 mAh lithium ion

Beocom EX wireless streaming headphones

If you like discreet headphones or travel a lot and want to carry as little technological baggage as possible, but without sacrificing quality, we recommend the Beocom EX. These are models that you can use in the workplace, but also in the professional sphere, take them to the gym, use them on public transport, etc.

Also, a few days ago, a major software update for the Beocom EX (in-ear) was released.which greatly improves the issue of connectivity and other important functions. This can greatly enhance the user experience during testing. These updates are visible through the app B&O, once the device has been added.

The Bluetooth connection is fast, in fact, as soon as you open the cover, the mobile or the PC detects it, so you don’t waste time pairing them. In addition, they are discreet and light and have with the following characteristics:

  • They are perfected with Band & Olufsen’s best acoustic engineering, providing the brand’s distinctive sound.
  • A set of microphones with beamforming isolates and amplifies the user’s voice while canceling background noise.
  • It has certifications for MS Teams, Zoom and compatibility with all the most popular communication platforms. Enhances the product experience by allowing clear and fluid audio.
  • Adaptive active noise cancellation (ANC), better isolating the worker from their environment, preventing annoying noises. At the same time, it attenuates the ambient noise so that it is not captured by the interlocutor. With this we achieve a calm and professional work environment.
  • Standard 3-year warranty, which improves the TCO (total cost ownership) of the companies, in addition to the implied longevity and of all Bang & Olufsen products.
  • Comfort and adjusted design for continued use.
  • Versatility.

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