We tried Wonder Book, the new game from dV Giochi

dV Games announced a few months ago the release of Wonder Book, cooperative board game created by Martino Chiacchiera and Michele Piccolini. Within weeks of its release, we at JustNerd have previewed the game and can’t wait to share our impressions with you!

Wonder Book is a cooperative play based on the storytelling, the particularity of which is that the game board is a pop-up book three-dimensional thanks to which players can experience a fantastic adventure set in the world of Oniria, threatened by the terrible Wyrms.

Wonder Book: first impressions of the game

In Wonder Book (1-4 players) each player takes on the role of a young (but fierce!) teenager who is part of an adventurous group of friends. This is a cooperative game, where you all win or lose together as a team!

The game is divided into 6 consecutive called scenarios Chapters, each made up of a specific deck of pre-arranged cards that contain the rules, the story and the challenges that we will have to face. One of the most peculiar features of Wonder Book concerns the components: each chapter of the game explores a new part of the interactive 3D cartoon pop-up book.

Thanks to a press event organized by dV Giochi we were able to preview Wonder Book together with other fans. We tried the first 2 chapters of the six totals that make up the game and we will tell you a little about what we experienced at the table (without spoilers!).

Wonder Book typically has a setting Fantasy: the characters are young boys who, for various reasons, are involved in the plot to save the world of Oniria from darkness and destruction. This will lead them, in the course of the adventure, to face the terrible ones Wyrm, dark and annoying beings who will try to put a spoke in the wheel of the characters.

A non-linear plot

The game proceeds through the reading of a story, divided into various chapters, which will make the characters move. The different chapters are physically structured in decks of cards that are gradually read as instructions to continue the story. Players will not have to slavishly follow the plot, but in many cards they will find choices to do, clashes or goals that will make the players directly imprint their game imprint on the story.

As anticipated, the Wyrms are always lurking, ready to get in the way to obstruct the characters. During the fights, any hero can accomplish three actions per turn, including moving around and attacking. He will be able to use the skills, collect the Sparks of Magic to perform special actions, interact with the cards and with the pop-ups scattered on the board. Yes, because each character in the game has their own peculiar abilities and life points, also the skills of the characters increase as the story progresses; we will be the players to choose in which skill to specialize our characters!

Returning to the fighting, once the hero phase is over, a Wyrm card will determine the movements, attacks and the number of new enemies that will be generated by the dark vortex.

A key role in the game is played by the pop-up board / book. Far from being just an aesthetic game object, it is a fundamental component to continue the story. The pop-up changes during the course of the plot, the characters interact directly with it, and it is made up of different parts that are revealed in the course of the game. Basically, the pop-up apparently has a fixed shape, but instead hides many elements that are discovered gradually, playing; not even we have revealed all the components of the book!

We had fun? Absolutely yes! If you are already rubbing your hands, Wonder Book should be out by the end of November. Keep following JustNerd to know the latest news on Wonder Book.

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