Weather Machine, the new board game from Vital Lacerda is on Kickstarter

Eagle-Gryphon Games launched on Kickstarter the crowdfunding campaign for the creation of the new board game by Vital Lacerda, Weather Machine.

Let’s find out more about the next title from the Portuguese author who brought us board games like On Mars and Kanban EV.

Weather Machine, the new board game from Vital Lacerda is on Kickstarter

In Weather Machine, one of humanity’s greatest dreams, that of being able to control the weather, has become a reality thanks to the machinery created by the brilliant professor Lativ. But shortly after the first local manipulations, it turns out a terrible price to pay. Changing the weather in one part of the world causes terrible and catastrophic consequences in other parts of the world, due to the famous “butterfly effect”.

In a race against time to stop these upheavals that endanger human survival, we will play the assistants of Professor Lativ. Our hasty research is aimed at creating a second and better version of the Weather Machine, capable not only of manipulating the climate without consequences but of rectifying past mistakes. The board game supports 1 to 4 players, in games lasting between 60 and 150 minutes.

The Weather Machine campaign on Kickstarter has started a few hours ago, but it already promises to be a good success in raising funds. After all, Vital Lacerda now has an audience of reference enthusiasts, who will find the classic peculiarities that this author inserts in his titles together with the now historical collaborator for illustrations Ian O’Toole.

The campaign will be open until December 18th, and a contribution of approximately 113 euros is required to participate. For now we have no news of versions in Italian of this title, but we will not fail to let you know if in the future there will be this possibility. Delivery is scheduled for November 2022.

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