What are the best football games on Android? Discover our selection

Football games for Android are plentiful on the Play Store. Some are excellent, offering both realistic and technically impressive graphics and gameplay providing sensations close to the sport from which they are inspired. Others are much less interesting even if they may seem attractive at first glance. One thing is certain: whether it’s ports of famous franchises or unreleased titles, not all are created equal. Check out the top 10 best football games for Android.

best android soccer games

Football games are a genre in their own right. Football is such a popular sport that many people are willing to buy a games console just to play the latest FIFA or PES. From year to year, football games are refined to offer ever more complete and realistic simulations. Smartphones are not left out, and there are excellent football games on the Android Play Store. Here is our pick of the top 10.

Soccer Manager Mobile 2022

Year after year, Football Manager confirms its status as the best football club manager simulation in the world. Discover the future nugget in your training school. Recruit international stars or rising stars in 60 leagues and 25 countries. Develop new playing techniques by taking advantage of your players’ strengths.

In this 2022 version, the publisher, which is none other than the eternal SEGA, offers an overhaul of the recruitment and transfer negotiation system. We also note the addition of a new home page, a revamped player search functionality and much more.

Without upsetting habits, these little novelties bring a breath of fresh air to the license that fans will appreciate at their fair value. Its price does not change: 10 euros.

Soccer Manager 2022 Mobile Android


Download Soccer Manager 2022 Mobile for Android

Note : ★★★★

(21337 votes)

SEGA Developer | Updated on 04/12/2022

Requirements: 4.4 or later

FIFA Mobile 2022

Electronic Arts’ FIFA is one of the two benchmarks for console and PC football simulation. On smartphones, the series continues to be powered by two series: FIFA Mobile and FIFA Ultimate Team. The first is a variation of the very classic football game, but very effective. Players develop their team, train their players and participate in matches. The touch controls have been refined over the years and offer a qualitative grip.

Many players, many leagues and many events are offered throughout each season. And it is also possible to challenge a friend’s team. FIFA Mobile is a freemium game with paid options to buy player draws, the most important of which are also the rarest.

fifa football android


Download FIFA Soccer for Android

Note : ★★★★

(9514560 votes) | Sport

Release 16.0.01 | ELECTRONIC ARTS Developer | Updated on 04/20/2022

Requirements: 5.0 or later

Score! Hero

In Score! Hero, the player does not control a complete team, but embodies a young professional footballer in search of glory. To succeed in becoming one of the biggest stars in the world, the character will have to complete more than 800 levels, each offering a challenge to be met. There is also an online multiplayer mode and a global ranking system. The graphics are impressive, and the game enjoys a 4.1/5 rating on the Play Store.

Score!  Hero Android


Download Score! Hero for Android

Note : ★★★★

(6927961 votes) | Sport

Release 2.75 | Developer First Touch Games Ltd. | Updated on 06/04/2021

Requirements: 4.4 or later

eFootball PES

eFootball PES brings the fight between EA and Konami back to the mobile arena. The rivalry of the two publishers is also played out here. With the redesign of its license which no longer bears the name PES on PC and console, Konami offers a resolutely optimized experience for mobiles. A bold bet that has been strongly criticized by the faithful of the franchise. If you play it on mobile, you are clearly the target if not the publisher’s priority.

eFootball offers a similar experience to console and PC play, with a few small tweaks to distinguish between the two. In the latest version of eFootball PES on mobile, you naturally find team management, training and game tactics. You play matches live with touch controls.

The graphics are licked, perhaps even a little more than with the American competitor. Hundreds of players are available, divided according to their position on the field, their strength and their rarity. Each match earns you points (either in cash or in myclub coins) that allow you to scout for new talent or sign world stars. Of course you don’t choose: it’s a draw.

eFootball PES 2021 Android


Download eFootball PES 2021 for Android

Note : ★★★★

(9183546 votes) | Sport

Release 5.7.0 | KONAMI Developer | Updated on 08/02/2022

Requirements: 5.0 or later

Top Eleven Manager

Top Eleven is a football club simulation series from Nordeus studio. The goal is always the same. First, create a team from scratch with young recruits. Evolve them and train them. Create and manage on-court strategies by changing positioning and ball calls. Participate in matches and tournaments. Grow the club, stadium and fan base. Break the bank by recruiting a global superstar. And end up winning the Champions League.

If the basis of this football game is solo, Top Eleven gives pride of place to multiplayer, with many tournaments between coaches and cooperative modes with several teams. This is a very complete simulation, which improves over time. Its business model is freemiumlike many mobile games, with paid options which are used, in particular (but not only) to chain matches more quickly.

Top Eleven Soccer Manager Android


Download Top Eleven Soccer Manager for Android

Note : ★★★★

(5452377 votes) | Sport

Release 22.14 | Nordeus Developer | Updated on 06/05/2022

Requirements: 4.4 or later

Dream League Soccer

In Dream League Soccer, the player acts as manager of his team Dream FC, but also controls players in real time during matches. The gameplay is similar to FIFA career mode. Player prices are based on each player’s level. It is possible to collect money by winning matches, completing achievements, or watching advertisements.

Build your dream team with a database of over 4,000 FIFPro players. Become a legend by progressing through 8 divisions and compete in more than 10 championships. An excellent football game to discover.

Dream League Soccer Android


Download Dream League Soccer for Android

Note : ★★★★

(13399626 votes) | Sport

Release 6.13 | Developer First Touch Games Ltd. | Updated on 06/14/2021

Requirements: 4.4 or later

World Football League

This rather classic concept game lets you control an entire team on the field, with above-average gameplay. You can evolve in different game modes: Exhibition, Coup, League or Training. The game has around 60 national teams, 60 clubs and has a database of over 2,000 players.

Android World Football League


Download World Football League for Android

Note : ★★★★

(2343807 votes) | Sport

Release | Developer mobirix | Updated on 03/14/2022

Requirement: 4.0 or later

Head Football 2022

This quirky football game plays the humor card, with cartoonish graphics and characters that caricature Spanish LaLiga players. This is a 2D game, featuring one-on-one battles. The player must protect his camp and attack that of the adversary simultaneously. So the game is more like a fighting game than a real football game. It is possible to play solo or to face other players from all over the world on the internet.

Head Football Android


Download Head Soccer for Android

Note : ★★★★

(905900 votes) | Sport

Release 7.1.7 | Developer La Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional | Updated on 03/15/2022

Requirements: 6.0 or later


Football Strike is a football game with a simple concept but which can quickly become addictive. It is based on a single element of traditional football: free kicks. Build your character, hone your techniques and compete against players from all over the world. You play both the role of shooter and goalkeeper.

During face to face, your objective is to score as many goals as possible while stopping the maximum to beat your opponent. This game has over 100 million downloads on the Play Store and has a rating of 4.5.

Soccer Strike: Online Soccer Android


Download Football Strike: Online Soccer for Android

Note : ★★★★

(2460167 votes)

Developer | Updated on 02/05/2022

Final Kick

Final Kick is a football game developed by Ivanovich Games. It is similar to Football Strike in spirit but is played more around penalties. The player must therefore only take penalties or stop those of the opponent by controlling the goalkeeper. More than 20 offline tournaments are offered, but the real interest of the title lies in its multiplayer mode. It is possible to customize your team, and the game is very addictive. If scoring goals is your favorite thing about football, Final Kick is for you.

Final Kick: Android Online Soccer


Download Final Kick: Online Soccer for Android

Note : ★★★★

(771030 votes) | Sport

Release 9.1.5 | Developer Ivanovich Games | Updated on 05/13/2021

Requirements: 4.4 or later

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