What can happen to your PC or mobile if you use a public WiFi

Public networks can be dangerous

Think of a Wi-Fi that is in a shopping center, an airport or any public place. You don’t really know if it has been created for the purpose of attack or if it is trustworthy. In the event that it is not legitimate, that seeks to carry out attacks, it can seriously compromise the security of a computer or mobile.

The first thing that can happen is that an attacker can see the information that we send or receive. It is what is known as a Man-in-the-Middle attack. Basically, an intruder can read conversations that are not encrypted, see what sites we visit or any data we send or receive that is not encrypted.

But they can also use these networks to redirect us to fake web pages. In this way they can sneak in a wide variety of malware or launch Phishing attacks in order to steal passwords. It is a strategy that cybercriminals can use in networks of this type. In addition, they are not always Wi-Fi networks created exclusively for it, but they have been able to attack a legitimate one.

East malicious software that we download by mistake can cause a computer or mobile to malfunction. It can even be the entrance way for a hacker, through a Trojan, to control the system and have the opportunity to act as if we were us.

Keep in mind that this type of dangerous Wi-Fi networks are usually in crowded places, where it is more likely that someone connects and makes a mistake. A clear example is an airport, where people arrive from everywhere and in many cases without Internet on their mobile phones and quickly search for a network to connect to.

What to do to avoid problems

So what can we do to avoid such problems? The first thing is not make certain mistakes. For example, it is not a good idea to make payments, buy something or log in through these types of networks. Neither send confidential information or data that may be important and that, if intercepted, compromises our privacy.

But you can also use some tools to safely browse public Wi-Fi networks and prevent your computer or mobile from being compromised. A clear example is having a good vpnsince it will encrypt the connection and prevent the information from being compromised when you browse.

Another important issue is to always have a good antivirus. This way, if you mistakenly download a malicious file by clicking on a fake page, that security program will detect the threat and remove it. It is a protection barrier that you can install on your mobile or computer.

It will also be important to have All updated. On many occasions, these types of attacks take advantage of existing vulnerabilities. This can help a cybercriminal to steal information or take control of a computer that has a bug, so having the latest versions will help.

In short, as you have seen, your computer or mobile phone can be compromised if you connect to a public Wi-Fi network. It is important that you take preventive measures and act correctly to maintain privacy and security at all times.

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