What can we do with Microsoft Teams but not with Skype?

The applications that allow us to communicate through the Internet with users from all over the world have not stopped growing in recent times. The reasons for all this are obvious, so programs such as Skype or Microsoft Teams have gained a lot of popularity.

And it is not necessary to remember that, especially due to the global pandemic that we have experienced, this type of software has become very popular. Even those users who had never used programs with these characteristics have gotten used to using them for obvious reasons. Right now, the software giant Microsoft offers us two solutions of this type. One of them is Skypea program that is sure to be familiar to most of you and that has been with us for a good number of years.

On the other hand, we find the Teams program, a more modern and current proposal whose main objective is very similar. Both proposals allow us, through several ways, to communicate with users from all over the world through our internet connection. These that we have mentioned are the two alternatives that the software giant offers us, but there are others belonging to various developers. However, both Skype and Teams could be considered among the most popular.

Microsoft Teams interface

We have already commented that the second software solution is much more current and modern than the first, but that does not mean that Microsoft has abandoned the Skype project. In fact, the developer himself has announced that he will soon launch an important update for veteran program.

Existing features in Teams that Skype doesn’t have

It is for all these reasons that we will now talk about some functions that we can find in Teams but that Skype lacks.

skype interface

  • Share files with offline users: In addition to communicating with other users, these programs usually allow us to share content. Here we must bear in mind that Microsoft’s most current proposal even allows us to share files with users who are no longer connected to the meeting. This way they will receive those files when they reconnect automatically.
  • Use memes and animated GIFs: in Teams we have the possibility of using a multitude of additional elements to the conventional text. For example, here we can make a special mention of objects that are so widely used today on other platforms such as animated GIFs or memes. All this allows us to keep conversations through the internet much more enjoyable and expressive.
  • Integration with Office applications: One of Microsoft’s most important products is its Office productivity suite. That is why this online communication program integrates perfectly with these office automation applications if so we need it.
  • personal mentions: When communicating with specific users in mass meetings, personal mentions in Teams will be very useful.
  • Use customizable teams and channels: these elements for group work allow us to keep track of all kinds of projects. Likewise, we will have total control over conversations, shared files or meetings, all from one place.

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