What do we expect from the second part of Dune after reading the book?

The best scenes we expect from the second part of Dune

The first part of Dune ends with Paul on the way to sietch of the Fremen after defeating Jamis and earning the respect of the Arrakis natives.

In this second part, Paul Atreides will make his destiny come true, become the Kwisatz Haderach, a mythical and powerful being within the beliefs of the Bene-Gesserit, who will sit as emperor of the universe in the Throne of the Golden Lion.

Given the general fidelity to the book that Villeneuve had in DuneSome of the most important events of the second part that we will see will be these.

Paul will assume leadership of the Fremen

Paul will embrace the Fremen way of life and become, in effect, its leader.

The first part already gave us a preview of this, with the images of a Paul Atreides with completely blue eyes. This is distinctive of the Fremen and due to constant exposure to the spice.

Paul will ride a sandworm

This will lead to what is probably one of the most spectacular and important scenes in the second part, Paul riding one of the sandworms, which the Fremen use to move quickly through Arrakis.

Chani will have a son with Paul

In addition, we will see the development of the love story between Paul Atreides and Chani, played by Zendaya, including the birth of their son. His name will be Leto II, in honor of his grandfather, and he will tragically die in the final confrontations between the Atreides and their enemies.

Alia atreides

Another important event will be the birth of Paul’s sister, the all-powerful Alia Atreides. This character has a fundamental role in the book saga and also in the second part of DuneBecause he will kill Baron Harkonnen.

The final showdown with the Harkonnen and the emperor

Together with the Fremen, Paul will once again face the enemies of the first part, the Harkonnen and the emperor, who conspired together to eliminate House Atreides and its growing influence.

Along the way of that fight, we will have a return that won’t surprise book fans, Gurney Halleck’s (played by Josh Brolin, aka Thanos), who was presumed dead, but no.

If Villeneuve is true to the books once again, Paul Atreides will emerge victorious after a huge battle against the joint forces of your enemies and that we hope is very spectacular.

The Harkonnen will be wiped off the map and Paul will force the emperor to abdicate, yielding his daughter in a loveless marriage with Paul, which guarantees peace between the two great houses of the Atreides and the Corrino.

Paul will fulfill his destiny, he will become emperor of the universe and we will be left wanting more.

So, as we see, the most important thing remains and we no longer know what to do to make time pass faster and we can see it on the big screen.

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