What happens if your VPN suddenly disconnects

Using a VPN has become very common. It is very useful to improve privacy when you connect to an unreliable Wi-Fi network, but also to be able to access services that are geographically blocked. However, what happens if the VPN stops working suddenly? We are going to talk about the consequences that this could bring to our privacy and security.

Problems if the VPN drops

We can say that the fact that a VPN is cut it is not weird. Especially if you use a free application or one that does not have all the guarantees, errors of this type may appear. This could affect your privacy and security, in addition to putting at risk that you can access certain services that could be geographically blocked.

Real IP is leaked

The first thing that could happen if the VPN stops working is that your real IP address could be exposed. One of the goals of this type of program is to hide this information. But of course, if it fails and stops working, that type of data will be leaked and you will have privacy problems.

The moment the VPN stops, you automatically switch to browsing the Wi-Fi network you are connected to. Therefore, you are going to go to the Internet directly with that IP and you are not going to be behind the one offered by the application. Therefore, you should research at privacyonline about good VPN services and useful tips.

You will not be able to access blocked services

Another problem if the VPN is cut is that you will not be able to continue using programs or web pages that may be blocked wherever you are. This type of tool has different servers that you can connect to and browse as if you were really somewhere else. For example, it is very useful to see content limited to certain countries or enter social networks when you are in a country where they are blocked.

But of course, once again when the VPN stops working you will navigate with the real IP address of the connection you use. This will make your location exposed on the network and you can be blocked if you try to access a service that is not available where you are geographically.

Your data may be at risk

Of course, another obvious problem when the VPN is disconnected is that data may be compromised. Imagine that you are browsing through a public Wi-Fi network, such as in an airport. The information you send and receive over the network becomes unprotected.

In the event that there is an intruder on that network and you browse insecure sites, without encryption, you could see that your personal data is at risk of being stolen. It is another of the clear problems in case the VPN is cut.

Kill Switch VPN, the option to avoid problems

As you have seen, if the VPN is cut it can put your personal data at risk or prevent you from connecting to certain programs or websites that may be blocked. Now, what can you do to avoid it? The first thing to do is use a NPV of guarantees, not easily cut and work as well as possible. But another option is what is known as Kill Switch VPN. You can find more such options at gizlilikveguvenlik and helpful advices as well.

Many VPNs bring the Kill Switch VPN feature integrated. Basically what it does is protect us in case it stops working. Automatically cut the connection and our data could not be exposed. We could not continue browsing without the protection offered by this type of program.

Therefore, to avoid the problems that you have seen in the event that a problem appears, a very interesting option is to use a Kill Switch VPN. You have to make sure that the application you use has this function and configure it correctly.

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