what is the future of the saga?

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is undoubtedly one of the most successful in recent times. That is why when we heard that there was a possibility of a reboot from the hand of Disney, with the difference that its protagonist would be a woman, It seemed like a good idea to us (and even logical considering how the roles of leading women in action films have been gaining more and more weight). Unfortunately, it seems that our joy will stay for a bit, and it is precisely that the one who was going to be in charge of being the new Jack Sparrow has confirmed that the mouse factory they have backed down.

Margot Robbie says goodbye to the patch and the hat

You have to go back two years, to 2020, to recover the first news about a Pirates of the Caribbean starring a woman. The spin-off had begun to take shape and the first data about who would be in front of and behind the cameras was beginning to be known. margot robbieknown for numerous (and varied) movie roles such as I, Tonya, The wolf of Wall Street, Birds of prey either Once upon a time in Hollywood…was going to be in charge of being the main actress, spiritually picking up the baton from Johnny Depp, while Jerry Bruckheimer would be in charge of directing and Christina Hodson (who had already written Birds of prey) of the script. There was even talk precisely that Depp could seem in this tape that he would be within the “Pirates of the Caribbean universe”, therefore following the events behind Salazar’s Revenge.

The draft of the project was finished, presented to Disney and since then we had not heard much more until now. And it’s not exactly good news. Robbie has been in charge of confirming that finally the idea will not see the light, despite the time they have spent in shaping it:

We had an idea and we’ve been developing it for a while, a long time ago, to have a more female-led story – not totally female, but a different story – which we thought would have been really cool. But I guess they don’t want to.

At the beginning of the year we learned from the mouth of the Jerry Bruckheimer that two films were being created for the franchise: the one starring Margot Robbie and another one of which it was unknown who would be the main actor after the personal scandals of Johnny Depp. Now we can 100% confirm that one of these projects is wiped off the map. What will happen to the other?

What is the future of Pirates of the Caribbean?

As we indicated, along with the now canceled spin-off, another film was also being prepared that would be added to the tapes of the franchise. Let us remember that the last title was Salazar’s Revengewhich walked the red carpet in 2017. It was not exactly the success that Disney expected at the box office (especially compared to previous films), so the company seems to have decided to stop along the way and reformulate the project.

The female proposal will not end up coming to fruition but the other alternative is therefore still alive, being the last hope for fans of the saga. We are not supposed to see Johnny Depp in it -although so much has been written on this subject, that, hears, who knows – and that the evil Davy Jones should be the villain, if they are true to the post credit scene from “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” in which he appeared in Will and Elizabeth Turner’s cabin while they slept.

Many decisions are still up in the air and no concrete data on when or what we will see. So be prepared for anything.

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