What is the origin of the Spider-Man pointing finger meme?

It cannot be denied that Sony has a sense of humor and that it knows that a good viral campaign of memes can be more effective than paying millions for ads that we dodge better and better.

Therefore, to celebrate the premiere of Spider-Man: No way home in domestic format and being able to see it at home without anyone bothering us with the mobile, it has been shared a photograph that emulates the famous meme in which a spider-man The cartoon character points to another identical character and the latter returns the gesture by pointing with his finger.

Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire emulate the scene and the truth is that the image is nice and goes from retweet to retweet.

What is the origin of the Spider-Man meme pointing his finger at himself

As memes are already part of the culture, there are those who take care to document their origins and appearances, as well as their popularity. The reference website for this is, without a doubt Know your memewhat trace the first time a meme came upits popularity or what it refers to, since many times we forget where those images come from.

The origin of the famous frame is in the animated series spider-man of 1967, specifically, in its episode 19b, titled Double identity. In it, the villain of the chapter tries to pass himself off as spider-man and hence the scene where the real Spider-Man and the bad guy in disguise point the finger at each other.

Here above you have the mythical scene on video, which begins at minute 1:12.

By the way, and in case you were wondering, in the meme, the real spider-man it’s the one on the left of the picture.

When did the Spider-Man meme first appear?

Apparently the first known internet use of the two characters dressed as Spider-Man pointing at each other was an image posted on February 5, 2011 on the Sharenator website.

The text that accompanied the meme is Not U!in reference to when you tell another that you have not been, but he has been.

This meme was in a compilation of various images of Spider-Man from the 60s, however, the only one that achieved popularity is that of those indicated.

Over time, a multitude of texts have been used to accompany the meme, in addition to using the image, by itself or in countless variations, to illustrate thousands of tweets, comments, and messages of all kinds.

Now you know where the famous meme comes from and the truth is that, for once, a great producer has done well with the viral photo of the actors, trying to connect with the new generations. Because most of the time a big company tries to do it, it looks pretty bad.

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