What is the Spotify cache and why you should clear it often

When using the popular music streaming platform, Spotify, we have at our fingertips a multitude of ways to do it. These extend to our mobile devices and desktops thanks to the apps we can choose from.

As it could not be otherwise, in most cases we are going to opt for the official clients that the streaming service itself offers us. In this way we will have the possibility of listening to our favorite music in the mobile based on Android either iOSin addition to our desktop computer. However, it must be borne in mind that we are talking about the reproduction of files over the Internet via streaming.

Precisely for this reason, sometimes we can experience some problems such as cuts or jumps, something that almost nobody likes. This is something that can be extended, not only to the aforementioned Spotify, but to many other similar video and music platforms. Well, at this point, the first thing we should know is that many of these online applications use a cache to collect certain data in background. This is something that is done in order to improve loading times and optimize the user experience.

This is also done by Spotify by default with our music tracks. Basically all this means that the application eventually stores information in this cache, but it can also be corrupted for certain reasons. This is precisely what causes the cuts and failures in reproduction that we mentioned before. Something similar could happen if the size of that cache that we mentioned is too big.

How to clear Spotify cache

Precisely in order to avoid these failures in the reproduction of our favorite musical themes, we should delete this memory that is used by default. Of course, it is not necessary that we delete it every day, but from time to time and periodically to free up space in it and optimize Spotify performance. Actually, here we are referring to small data files that Spotify stores to improve track load times. This includes album thumbnails, home screen recommendations, or playlist suggestions.

In this way and thanks to the cache, the client does not need to load it from the Internet every time we start it up. Therefore, to delete this, for example in Windows, we open the official client of the platform where we see the different own and proposed playlists. Here we will have to locate ourselves in the preferences section of the application, so for this, it is enough that we press the Ctrl + P key combination.

Spotify preferences

Next, we only have to locate the section called Storage where we find an entry that reads precisely Cache. To its right we see a Clear cache button in order to empty and free this memory and solve any possible problems that Spotify may present to us at that time.

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