What is True Tone iPhone and what is it for?


Many users of Apple devices do not know what it is True Tone iPhone, And if you are in this group of people, we recommend that you read the post that we have prepared on this occasion.

Several years ago, Apple made the decision to innovate their mobiles as far as natural and organic experience is concerned. During an event in 2016, it would be announced a new function that would be included in the iPad Pro called True Tone.

Uses of True Tone

This technology called True Tone employs multi-channel sensors which are advanced in order to adjust color and intensity of the screens, so that they match the ambient light and that the images feel more natural.

For example, if you read an ordinary book, you will notice that when you read it, its pages get the color of the light in the room. If the light of the place is warm, the pages they will reflect that warm color.

On the contrary, if you read near the window and the sun is shining, the pages will reflect the sun’s rays. and they will look whiter. On the other hand, the pixels of a digital screen such as the iPhone they do not reflect ambient light.

Instead, your pixels They will emit their own color and temperature. Basically, the images you see They will have a much more natural appearance.

How True Tone works


The operation of True Tone iPhone it is extremely interesting. Those devices that use this type of technology come with sensors capable of detecting the hue and brightness of ambient light.

The devices will then use this data to Automatically adjust your screen. In this way, it will correct white point and lighting depending on ambient light.

Thus, mobiles will offer the correct type of white point in any scenario. such technology is not new, Well, there are desktop monitors that have incorporated it for some years.

True Tone will take care of warm or cool colors of your mobile screen to perfectly match the light of the place where you are.

No matter where you use your iPhone, the device will automatically detect temperature and light so that your eyesight does not suffer too much you don’t even have to force it.

Ways to activate True Tone

Depending on the Apple device you have, you may be able to follow different instructions:

on iPhone

If you have an iPhone, what you will have to do is the following:

  • Access the application «settings«.
  • Then, enter the “Screen and Brightness” section.
  • Once inside this screen, at the top of the screen you will find the bar to increase or decrease the brightness.
  • Under that bar, you will find the option «TrueTone«.
  • To activate it, you just have to press the switch.

As soon as you notice the switch turn green, you can take your mobile to another room to verify that the light changes with respect to the light of the environment in which you are.

On MacBook Pro

In case you have a MacBook Pro, you can also activate the True Tone function. The steps to follow are:

  • Click on the bitten apple logo icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • When the menu appears, you will have to click on the function «System preferences«.
  • This will allow you access to a new window, and here you will have to click on “Screens”.
  • Now a screen will appear in which you will get «TrueTone» just below a slider.

After activating the function, you will see how the computer screen will adjust MacBook colors depending on the amount of ambient light there is.

Is it necessary to activate this function?


In case you want to make your Apple device similar to the paper of a book, then you will love it. True Tone iPhone. Luckily, this function is not the only one that is available that will help you have a better viewing experience.

You can also use Night Shift or dark mode. For starters, dark mode will be perfect for low-light environments, as it replaces the ordinary bright light background. for a dark one and it will change the text to white color.

If you don’t want to use True Tone iPhone during the night, you can choose to use Night Shift or the dark mode of your iPhone.

Of course, you will have the brightness adjustment. On any device you have that is Apple and has a light sensor, your screen will adjust automatically as far as the level of brightness is concerned.

Finally, if our post about True Tone iPhone Did you find it useful, we have many more tutorials on Apple devices.

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