What limitations do PLCs have and what to do to make them work well

What affects PLCs

We can say that they are a very interesting option when we want to eliminate a dead zone. For example, if we need to connect from a room that is far from the router and we see that the wireless signal is very limited. But sometimes they don’t work well And there are some factors that can affect the quality.


One of them, one of the limitations that PLCs have, is the distance. Yes, although they are devices that are going to help take the Internet from one place to another, if the devices are very far away they will have worse performance. If you are going to connect a room that is excessively far away, the signal could be very weak.

This increases even more when we talk about connecting several floors of a house. The reason is that in this case it is normal to use different circuits in the house. This will cause the signal not to travel as directly and there may be loss that affects the speed and quality of the connection.

Have devices nearby

It will also affect the fact have other devices close. If you are going to connect electronic devices very close to the PLCs, that could affect the signal. For example having a television, a computer or any other device. They can generate interference and that will make the signal worse.

This could also happen if you are going to connect an appliance to a nearby socket. It is important that you do not use power strips and that you do not have anything connected next to the PLCs. Otherwise, you might have a hard time getting the signal to arrive properly. You could not reach a good speed and stability.

Bad wiring

The electrical wiring will also influence. Another limitation of PLCs is if you are going to use cables that are in poor condition. The Internet connection will not travel correctly, you may experience cuts and speed problems that will affect your day to day when you try to connect devices.

If you have an old electrical installation, you are more likely to have these problems. In that case, using PLC may not be the best solution and you should look for an alternative to try to have a better Internet connection throughout the house.

hardware limitations

Of course, other limitations are related to the hardware. In this case it is about the specifications that these PLCs have. For example, the maximum speed at which the devices are going to be linked, if they can offer Gigabit Ethernet or not, the speed when connecting via Wi-Fi, etc.

When you go to buy PLC devices you should take a good look at the characteristics it has. If you want them to work as well as possible, ideally you should not make mistakes when buying them and make sure that they will work well.

In short, these are some of the main limitations that PLCs have. They are useful to improve the Internet connection, but you must make sure that they work well and there are no problems that could affect the stability of the Internet network.

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