What will software development be like in 2022? Here are some clues

The COVID-19 pandemic and all the measures taken to control it have also had an effect on the food sector. software development. As companies changed their working models to adopt others typical of the digital world, development teams have been under continuous pressure in recent months to offer all types of companies new digital capabilities and to generate more dynamic experiences that never for customers.

What can happen from now on in the development sector in the face of these changes and difficulties? Well, according to Forrester, that these expectations that have been deposited in the sector during the pandemic will continue to apply during the next year, and it is more than likely that during the following years as well. So it remains to be seen how developers will adapt to meet the needs of their customers and their own circumstances.

According to the consultant, software development in 2022 going to focus on event-centric architectures, or EDAs, the established DevOps channels and the Artificial Intelligence bots will continue to operate to meet the needs of companies.

At least a third of companies will focus on event-centric architecture in 2022. The growth of distributed application architecture encounters an insurmountable hurdle when using synchronous APIs for integration. This is due to its fragility and scalability limitations. Over the years, EDA has generated more and more interest, since it allows to overcome this obstacle through APIs, microservices and integration. In 2022, this interest will grow even more, and around 35% of companies will place a significant focus on EDA.

Additionally, in 2022, half of development teams will move to established DevOps toolchains. Although the best tools will continue to exist, more and more developers, and the companies they work for, are showing a preference for holistic toolchains.

There are several reasons for this preference: facilitate governance and automated compliance, a increased adoption of GitOps and use flow value management tools. According to Forrester, in 2022 half of companies will rely on these toolchains, which will basically become another platform as a service.

Almost all development tools will include an Artificial Intelligence bot by the end of 2022. 2021 was the dawn of a new era for developers, centered on the use of Artificial Intelligence. All thanks to a controlled test of Github Copilot, IBM AI for Code and AI Stack. Oracle also launched a question generator.

This has come after the long-term goal of using Artificial Intelligence in continuous testing was established. In 2022 we expect to see Artificial Intelligence bots in almost all development tools, adding natural language and other capabilities to the package that developers manage and handle.

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