What’s the best new thing about Windows 11? Users are clear

From SoftZone, how could it be otherwise, we have been informing you promptly about the leaks that have been occurring in this regard. With everything and with this, I am sure that the firm based in Redmond It still has several surprises in store for us in the form of news or improvements. The enthusiasts of this sure operating system who are anxiously waiting to be able to try all of this that we are talking about.

There are functions that attract more attention than others, as well as some of the features that will go largely unnoticed. But we will see all this over time once we have the final version of the software in our hands, back in October. At this point, and thanks to everything we already know about the system, perhaps some may wonder what the new functionality is that causes the most expectation.

What is the most anticipated novelty of Windows 11

Well, for all those who wonder in general terms what is the function that is most expected and what will come to fruition. Windows 11, are the rounded corners. Although for some this may seem a bit inconsequential, the truth is that it is the most anticipated function.

To say that this is something that has been learned thanks to poll that has been finished in the social network Twitter. In it, the developers of the operating system left the users to decide which was the most anticipated function for the future Windows 11. Well, as we mentioned, the rounded corners were voted as the most anticipated element of the Windows user interface that is coming.

We must bear in mind that the future Windows 11 will bring us several design elements to computers. Here we can highlight the new icons or improved settings controls, among others. However, there is one feature that stands out above the rest, the rounded corners that we are talking about in these lines. In addition, now officially thanks to the survey of elements of the user interface of Windows 11 from Twitter.

The rounded corners of Windows 11, a success

It’s also interesting to know that the rounded corners took on the new icons in the first round and defeated the new bottom in the second. In the final, the rounded corners they faced improved controls and won with 54.2% of the vote.

In case you want to try the new operating system from now on, you can do it with the latest version of Windows 11 Insider, you just have to sign up for the program. And if this is not the case, over the next few weeks we will continue to inform you from here of all the news that is released. All this while waiting for Microsoft to officially start shipping its new Windows system next October.

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