WhatsApp begins to integrate 3D avatars

That if it were up to Meta we would have Metaverse even in the breakfast cafe, and that WhatsApp is today one of the quietest business units (in terms of not causing trouble) in the Facebook company, are two indisputable truths. And it is that the social network that once gave the technology its name has not passed, for some years now, for its best moment, Instagram faces a public opinion that is still quite outraged by last year’s revelations about its effects on minors , and the indifference with which the company responded to that problem, and with its great project, the Metaverse, it faces red numbers in terms of users, and investor concern is growing over time.

So, if WhatsApp is going so well, and the rest is going… well, that, a little less well, how can you act in that situation? Well, we have two possibilities: the first is to maintain a certain sanitary cord, which allows what works well to continue doing so, without being splashed by what causes problems. The other option is to try to establish connections, perhaps with the confidence that, due to the transitive property or a kind of contagion effect, good karma is shared equally among all parties.

And it seems that in this case Meta has opted for the second option and, as we can read in WABetaInfo, it has used the beta version of its Android app to start rolling out the 3D avatars feature in WhatsApp. At the moment it is only present in said version, not in the iOS beta or for the desktop client and the web version, so it is conceivable that there are still aspects to be polished.

In addition, having this version on your device does not guarantee that you will be able to test this novelty, and it is that at the moment it seems that the function is only reaching certain usersalthough it is possible that the number of accounts with this function will increase in the short term, and that this limitation is mainly due to the fact that Meta wants to verify “live” the impact of the use of this function on its infrastructure .

Those users who have already received it, show that its appearance, in terms of operation, looks quite similar to the Apple Memojisso that we can design an avatar that looks like us and, once we have it ready, WhatsApp will automatically generate the different designs that we can use in conversations.

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