OWC Announces Envoy Pro Mini Pocket SSD

OWC has introduced the Envoy Pro Mini Pocket SSD, a ultra-compact size, great performance and full compatibility for use on computers, tablets or mobiles.

We have already seen how the advantages of SSD have also reached external storage solutions. This is a pocket-sized model, but with the performance and capacity of a full-size SSD for audio, photography, graphics, gaming, and general data storage/backup uses, for consumers, students, and professionals alike.

Little bigger than a thumb drive, the Envoy Pro Mini works with Macs, Windows PCs, iPads, Chromebooks, Android tablets, and USB and Thunderbolt (USB-C) enabled Surface devices made over the last 15 years. For it, It has a double default a USB Type C, but if you flip the unit it allows you to use a USB Type A to increase the compatibility of use without the need for wiring.

Envoy Pro Mini

The unit is built in a machined aluminum chassis that dissipates internal heat and allows for minimal weight to carry anywhere in a pocket. Its performance is also outstanding since OWC promises data transfer in sequential read mode of 946 MB per second.

This pocket-size SSD can be used in a mixed environment of macOS and Windows machines. For the Apple platform OWC optionally sells the MacDrive software which runs in the background and allows read access as well as full write access. It includes features to format and partition drives and repair drive problems. It works with Apple Time Machine and File History in Windows.

OWC offers a three-year warranty on some units that are already available in the following storage capacities and prices:

  • 250GB: $79.
  • 500GB: $109.
  • 1TB: $179.

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