WhatsApp: double authentication is coming soon to the Desk and Web version

WhatsApp will soon integrate double authentication on the Desk and Web versions of the instant messaging service. What offer more security to WhatsApp users via these different media.

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While WhatsApp will soon pay for a facelift on Windows 11, with a redesigned interface for the occasion, the WABetaInfo site has spotted another new feature coming soon. This time, it concerns the Desk application and the Web version of the instant messaging system with two billion users.

Indeed, WhatsApp account to allow users of the platform via these two media activate double authentication. An addition that makes sense, especially when you know that development teams are still working on multi-support, or the possibility of using WhatsApp via other media without necessarily having the need to keep your smartphone nearby. With this in mind, the addition of two-step verification is a welcome addition that allows users to enjoy the same level of protection as on the mobile app.

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Credits: WABetaInfo

2FA is coming soon to WhatsApp Desk and Web clients

WABetaInfo states: “While registering your WhatsApp account, after entering the 6-digit code, a personal PIN will be required to log into the account. WhatsApp wants to make it easier to manage two-step verification everywhere, so they are working on introducing the feature to the web/desktop client in a future update.”

They add : “It will be possible to enable or disable two-step verification on the web/desktop client. This is very important, especially when you lose your phone and can’t remember your PIN code”. For the moment, impossible to know when this functionality will be deployed for the general public, knowing that it is not even available for public beta testers yet.

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