WhatsApp is finally rolling out the feature that lets you message yourself

WhatsApp has officially introduced a new feature that lets you send messages to yourself, like reminders and shopping lists, parent company Meta has confirmed.

WhatsApp Message Yourself

A few weeks ago, our colleagues at WABetaInfo had, as usual, discovered in the beta version of the application a brand new feature that allowed you to send messages to yourself. It finally took wait a month before seeing it arrive on our smartphones. Previously, you could chat with yourself by creating a group of which you were the only member, but this feature makes things much easier.

Called Message Yourself, the feature gives you access to a chat that is only visible to you. You can post messages there just like you would in any other chat. You can also use it to write important notes to yourself, save web links, or download documents and voice notes.

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Sending a message to yourself on WhatsApp is finally possible

This feature could be very useful when a friend or colleague has sent you an informative message. Thereby, you don’t need to switch apps to write your note and you can easily copy and paste or forward the messages you received.

The good news is that you shouldn’t miss the feature once it’s available on your app. In effect, users will see their name appear at the top of the contact list when they try to open a new conversation.

As always, functionality will be Rolling out to Android and iOS users gradually over the coming months. So, if you haven’t got the feature yet, you will have to be patient before you get the new version of the app.

It is recalled that this functionality is also available on other platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Signal, WhatsApp’s rival. Telegram also offers a similar feature, called “Saved Messages”, which allows users to bookmark any important message, as well assave their notes and reminders, which they can access later.

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