WhatsApp notifications do not sound: how to solve it

whatsapp notifications not ringing

.WhatsApp has become an almost mandatory tandem with our mobile phones, so much so that many users don’t see the point of having a smartphone if WhatsApp notifications don’t sound.

Would you know what to do in that case? If you are having a problem with notifications, or you have no idea what to do if this happens to you, we invite you to continue reading this article.

Whatsapp notifications do not sound: is it the program or my phone?

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A defect that many mobile phone users have is that, in particular, they have a hard time defining where the problem is with what is happening to their devices.

In a generic way, it is usually defined with the typical “not going”without giving great details about what happens to the phone.

When we have a problem with the sound notifications of an application, there are two different possibilities that can be happening on your phone without you realizing it: a failure in the hardware itself, or in the software. We are going to review each of these separately and how to solve it.

Hardware failure: check the components related to audio.

First of all, I think the important thing would be to define what hardware is. We could say that it is the tangible part of your phone, that is, “what we can touch”. The frames, the screen, the speakers, the microphones… they are all physical pieces that make up the hardware with which your phone is created.

If WhatsApp notifications do not sound and we suspect that the problem is in some component, we should review everything related to audio: the main speaker (called speaker)the speaker used in calls (called earspeaker) and although they are not related to audio, it does not hurt to review the microphones.

The speaker and earspeaker You can usually find them in this part of the phones:

speakers on iPhone

Many times, these components, due to their location and over time, become a nest of dust and dirt that usually accumulates, causing the phone’s audio to fail. If that’s your case, don’t worry, the solution is simple.

To fix it, you need the following items:

  • Alcohol: Preferably isopropyl because it evaporates quickly and does not have water in its composition, but ethyl wound care can be used.
  • A toothbrush.
  • OPTIONAL: compressed air, it can be from a canister or obtained through a compressor if you have one. It is not 100% necessary, but it can help to clean your iPhone more precisely and to dry the alcohol itself.

Simply moisten your toothbrush with rubbing alcohol and rub it across the speaker grills until the grime comes off. You will see that with a few passes the speaker will be clean and once dry, it will be heard correctly.

We recommend that you also clean the microphone, which is usually another part that is very affected by the accumulation of debris on an iPhone.

Software failure: when we suspect that what is failing are the programs.

If WhatsApp notifications do not sound on your iPhone and you have already ruled out that it is a failure of a physical component, there are certain things that you should check to see if it is the solution you are looking for to your problem.

Make sure sound is on

Says Ockham’s razor “other things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the most likely” and on many occasions this is true. The problems with the audio of more than one user’s phone came simply because he had it muted and had not realized it, simple as that.

Check that the sound of your iPhone is turned on with the lever dedicated to this of our phones and that the volume is not silent. You can always also turn up the volume to see if this activates.

Another option is that you are in Do Not Disturb Mode, which what it does is precisely avoid all notifications so as not to receive distractions. In case you have it active, to remove it swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center and make sure that the “Do not disturb” mode is with the check grayed out, in disabled mode.

Reboot your iPhone to see if this fixes it

The infallible trick of all computer scientists is to restart and not because it is a cliché. Restarting what it does is clean certain processes in the software that sometimes get stuck and that cause your phone to not work well. So before you start doing anything, restart to see if that fixes the problem of WhatsApp notifications not ringing.

Check the WhatsApp notification settings section

If the above does not work, it is likely that there has been a change in WhatsApp notification settings that are preventing them from being heard.

You can check it in the WhatsApp application itself, by clicking Settings in the lower right corner and then selecting Notifications. Check that everything is configured correctly and that they are heard in the menu.

You can too check if the notification menu of your own iPhone has banned WhatsApp from sending notifications. To do so, you must enter the section Settingselect WhatsApp (to be found at the very end) and make sure that the option Enable notifications is activated.

When all else fails… reinstall WhatsApp

If none of this seems to be the solution to your problems with notifications, it doesn’t hurt to completely uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it, since some component of the application that is giving you problems may have broken and that with a reinstallation it will remain solved.

And with this we conclude our little article on what to do if WhatsApp notifications do not sound. Have you seen yourself in this situation? Do you know any trick that can serve the rest? If so, we encourage you to share it with us in the Comments section.

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