WhatsApp now lets you leave a group in ninja mode

WhatsApp will soon allow users to leave a group discreetly without notifying other users. Ideal for those who want to stay under the radar. Links posted in conversations are also going to be enhanced with a preview.

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When a user leaves a conversation on WhatsApp, the whole group is notified via a notification that appears in the chat. This is painful both for members of large groups who are sometimes spammed, but also for those who want to remain discreet when leaving. Not everyone needs to know you’re packing up!

However, it will soon be possible to leaving a conversation on tiptoe, so without warning others. It is WABetaInfo, which scrutinizes the betas of the application, which tells us today.

WhatsApp allows members to leave a group quietly

Soon, it will be possible to leave a group without notifying other members. Only administrators will be notified. A good thing. Remember that WhatsApp allows up to 256 people in a group. Large-scale discussions are therefore often spammed with messages such as “Jean-Michel has left the conversation”.

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Moreover, WhatsApp will include another novelty to its application according to WABetaInfo: previews when you post a link. Today, only the URL appears in the conversation, so you have to click to find out more or try to guess with the text. From now on, users will be able to have a small preview, like an image, to know where they are redirected. Something that already exists on other messaging services, such as Messenger or Discord, but which was sorely lacking in WhatsApp.

When will these two features be available? This is the big question. WhatsApp never communicates on the future novelties to come, but they should appear one day or another in an update.

A short time ago, these were the reactions to the messages that arrived on the service. Long awaited, they have long been in beta, but now everyone can have access to them. WhatsApp therefore continues to improve in small steps to try to satisfy users who are increasingly tempted by the competition.

Source : WABetaInfo

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