Tesla opens its most controversial store in China

That Tesla has accumulated enormous prestige over the years is undoubted, but it is also indisputable that in recent times he has been making multiple withdrawals from that account. In this way, although their cars continue to arouse a lot of interest in many drivers, the company’s brand image is gradually moving away from its best times. I don’t mean, mind you, that his image is bad in general, but I do mean that it is becoming easier and easier to find people for whom Tesla’s image is regular or even negative.

The most recent example of this we saw with the user of a Tesla Model S who, after being informed that changing the batteries in his car had a minimum cost of 20,000 euros, decided not to assume this cost and, instead, contacted a YouTube channel specialized in detonating all kinds of objects, to give it an explosive ending. Other problems such as incomplete car delivery or, above all, problems with your driving assistance systems that the company insists on qualifying as autopilot, despite not being so, have been adding to the negative account.

And then there are other decisions, undoubtedly complicated, in which there is no simple answer. Without a doubt, opening a store somewhere in the world where human rights are not respected is an example of this. And, as we can read in Business Insider, Tesla just opened a store and exhibition in Xinjiang, a region of China in which the single party that governs the country’s destiny has been around for a long time, according to multiple complainants, executing a genocide against the Muslim Uighur minority.

According to these complainants, among whom would be people who have managed to flee from it, the Chinese government would maintain internment camps with conversion and sterilization programs, aimed at completely ending this ethnic group. These complaints have led the Biden administration to enact a bill to prevent imports from Xinjiang, where some of the exported products are also suspected of being the result of forced labor.

China is a very important market for Tesla, indeed It already has more than 30 stores throughout the country, in addition to a local factory in Shanghai that started production in 2020. Thus, it can be understood that the economic performance of this new store can be a significant boost for Tesla accounts. However, this decision will not be particularly well received by the international community, which has already persecuted other companies, including some technology companies, to cut ties with that region.

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