WhatsApp Trick: How to make your chats sound like MSN Messenger?

The 90’s are back, and loaded with great memories, thanks to the relaunch of new series, movies, toys, video games and even tools with a “retro” touch. If you are a lover of this era, and especially MSN Messenger, we have good news for you.

MSN Messenger, was at the time the most popular instant messaging application. Their chats operated in a similar way to what is currently Facebook Messenger, and even WhatsApp, with “stickers” that at that time were called emojis, in addition to the famous “buzzes”.

Without a doubt, one of the elements that characterized it the most was its notification tone, which was recorded in all those users who used it. Now, it is possible to listen to it again, and even re-implement it within the application of WhatsApp.

What is MSN Messenger and why did it mark more than one generation?

MSN Mesenger It became the first instant messaging application to become popular, thanks to Microsoft, after its launch in 1999. This PC program made it possible to communicate through text messages, without formatting, with the help of a very simple.

This program could be considered the “father” of applications like Facebook Mesenger, WhatsApp and even social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, since it founded the foundations for the communication and distribution of content in real time.

Over time, this software added new functions, such as sounds, emoticons, the option to customize the chat windows (changing the font, the background, the voice messages) and adding the famous buzzes. However, everything came to an end in 2013 after strong competition, leaving only memories in the memory of its users.

How to install MSN Messenger ringtone on WhatsApp

If you want to remember the “old days” you can listen to the classic notification tone, within WhatsApp, with the help of the following trick:

  1. The first thing you should do is download the MSN Messenger ringtone which you can find on the internet under the name “tucutín” from MSN Messenger.
  2. Subsequently, you have to download said tone in MP3 format, and store it on the cell phone you want to configure with this tone.
  3. Once downloaded, you have to access the WhatsApp application and click on the icon setting (three dots), which is located in the upper right corner.
  4. Then you have to select the “Settings” section from the menu, followed by “Notifications“.
  5. Within this section you will find an option called “Notification tone“which will display a list of sounds available on your phone.
  6. Additionally, this section will allow you to search for other audios available on the computer, here you must locate and select the audio that has been downloaded in the first step.
  7. Finally, select and save the changes made and that’s it!

Once you have finished this process you will be able to enjoy the old tone of MSN Messenger, upon receiving a notification on WhatsApp you will hear this sound again. With this process you can change the sounds as many times as you want, so that notifications are more enjoyable.


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