When and why you shouldn’t connect to Wi-Fi

When it is not advisable to use wireless networks

There are times when it is not good to navigate through Wi-Fi. This may be for security or simply to avoid speed issues or outages. Although the wireless networks They have improved a lot, the truth is that they still have some problems that we must avoid sometimes.

The network is not reliable

The first reason is when the network to which we connect is not reliable. you may be in a public place, such as an airport or shopping center, and that connection is not going to be secure. You don’t really know who might be behind that network and what intentions they might have. Your privacy and security would be in danger.

If, for example, you are going to make an online payment, log into a bank account or send sensitive data, it is advisable not to connect to a Wi-Fi network unless you know it is safe. However, you can always use a VPN to encrypt the connection and be able to browse more securely.

You want stability and good speed

You should also not use a Wi-Fi network when you want to have the maximum stability and speed. Although they work better and better, the truth is that the cable will be more stable. You will not have cuts and also the speed will always be higher, unless there is something misconfigured or a problem.

Therefore, if you are going to download files from the Internet or you are going to make a video call and you need maximum stability and no cuts, you should consider the possibility of using an Ethernet cable instead of connecting wirelessly and thus avoid problems. that affect your connection.

You need low latency

Another reason is if you are going to need to have a low ping. For example to play online, make a video call or use any service that needs latency to be as low as possible so that there are no problems. If the ping is very high, you may have delays when making an online call, for example.

And there the Wi-Fi usually has more problems. Especially when the coverage is not optimal. You could see that the latency is not adequate, so connecting by cable may be the solution so that problems of this type do not appear.

Your network card is limited

Something fundamental for the Wi-Fi connection to work well is to have a good network card. If it is not adequate, if it has a problem or is simply limited at the hardware level, you will not achieve good speed or stability. You would have problems being able to establish a connection and surf the net.

There, once again, it would be better to use the Ethernet cable. This will give you more guarantees that the operation will be optimal and that you will not have problems connecting to any program or online service that you use.

Therefore, as you have seen, it is not always a good idea to use Wi-Fi networks. You must be aware that the situation may require you to connect through the network cable and thus avoid problems that could put your devices and signal quality at risk.

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