When is it worth using each one?

The manufacturer D-Link has two families of WiFi access points, one of them is the DAP that is managed with Nuclias Connect, and the other is the DBA family that is managed with Nuclias Cloud. The main difference between the two is the way of management, in the first case we are talking about a local WiFi controller by hardware or software, in the second case the management is through the cloud, without any type of local controller. Which of the two possibilities is more worthwhile? Today at RedesZone we are going to explain in which cases it would be advisable to opt for one option or another.

Cases where Nuclias Connect is better

Nuclias Connect is D-Link’s solution for small and medium environments, where we want to install a high-performance WiFi network and manage WiFi APs centrally. D-Link has recently added support for centralized management for certain models of the DGS-1210 rangeso we will also be able to use manageable switches within the management and deploy configurations to the entire network.

Nuclias Connect is software that we can install on any computer with Windows or Linux, either in a real machine or in a virtual machine. Of course, this computer where we install the software must be permanently on, to correctly manage both the APs and the switches of the organization. Another option is buy the DNH-100 for about 100 euros, it is a hardware device that also includes Nuclias Connect inside with all the configuration options, in this case the energy consumption is clearly lower than a computer, and above all, the size is much smaller and we can put it on the rack with no problems.

The main differences between the software and the hardware controller is as follows:

  • Software: Allows you to add up to 1,500 access points and switches. Although this number will depend on the hardware that we have in the computer, since the more devices we have, the more resources it will consume, both in CPU and RAM used. We could install this software on a dedicated server or VPS in the cloud, and let clients connect remotely to make multiple locations.
  • Controller DNH-100: allows you to add up to 100 WiFi access points, in this case it is not compatible with switches (for now). This device is ideal if you want to control the APs of a small network.

This solution is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that meet the following requirements:

  • they need few APs and switches in the local networkthat is, the local network is “small” or “medium”.
  • they only have a headquartersthat is to say, a place of work and we do not have different offices scattered throughout the country.
  • They have one person responsible for IT to do maintenance.
  • Have outsourced maintenance and they want to have the lowest possible costs.
  • we want the maximum possible cost savingsthat is, paying for the hardware and then using it completely free, without licenses of any kind.

This solution is ideal for the following businesses or companies:

  • Houses with home automation where they want professional APs and that the user has some knowledge of networks.
  • Cafes and restaurants.
  • Hotels that are not part of a hotel chain.
  • Academies, schools and training centers, without different locations.
  • Any business that is not relocated.

In the case of having multi-siteyou could also use this solution, but setup could get complicated. we would need install the software on a server dedicated or VPS hosting, and then configure the APs to communicate with it. Another option is build VPN tunnels between different locationswith the aim that we have communication between them and we can manage everything centrally.

Use Nuclias Cloud in these cases

Nuclias Cloud is the solution for medium and large company environments, where we want to install a high-performance wired and wireless network with all centralized monitoring and management in the same place. Thanks to this solution, we will be able to manage everything directly from the cloud, accessing a D-Link manufacturer’s website and carry out all the network configuration easily and quickly. The only thing we have to do to add the different equipment is to take into account the identification number in Nuclias, we can register it en masse in Nuclias Cloud and add dozens of switches and APs simultaneously, to later add these devices to the different networks and company locations.

This solution is ideal for medium and large companies that meet the following requirements:

  • they need many APs and switches in the local networkthat is, the local network is “medium” or “large”.
  • We have several offices spread across the countryand we want to have a centralized management of all of them.
  • We have a IT team located at one siteand they have to do the maintenance of all the others.
  • Have outsourced maintenanceand this external company wants to have everything under control and with native monitoring alerts from the APs and switches.
  • We want save on unnecessary travel.

This solution is ideal for the following businesses or companies:

  • big chains of restaurants.
  • Large hotel chains where they want to manage everything centrally on the same platform.
  • Universities with separate campuses.
  • Any network integrator who wants to give their clients multi-site remote support.

thanks to the possibilities Nuclias Cloud multi-site and his great scalability, we will be able to have several networks with several locations without any type of limit in terms of devices. We will not have to use VPN to connect to the remote network and manage its WiFi network, nor do we have the need to build VPN tunnels, use SDN VPN or reverse proxies for it. The only negative part of this solution is the cost of licenses, €36/year for each WiFi access point and €14/year for each switch that we incorporate into the network. If the license expires and we do not renew, we will continue to have service but we cannot make changes to the configurations or update the firmware etc.

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