When is the worst time to buy an iPad?

If you are thinking of buying an iPad or in the future it is part of your plans, you will surely be interested in knowing when you should not do it. And it is that there are certain times in which, either due to an upcoming release or the proximity of indicated dates, you could end up paying more unnecessarily. In addition, it is not the same for all models, so we believe it is more than convenient to point out on which dates it is more “dangerous” to buy an Apple tablet.

Of course, we always want to start from the basis that in the end the circumstances of each one can force them to make a decision that a priori seems counterproductive. And it is that, if there is an urgent need to get hold of an iPad, the moment will not matter. It’s not that to buy them

Approaching launch of new iPad

The first thing to warn you about is that there is no official timetable for when new iPads are released. Unlike iPhones that always arrive in September or October, this is not always the case with tablets. However, observing how it has been in recent years and where the rumors point, we can get an idea of ​​the bad times in this 2022.

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And it is that we consider bad purchase dates those that are already very close to the launch. And not just because the new model may interest you more and get out at a price similar to the previous one, but because what often happens is that precisely the previous model drops in price and in a matter of a few days you can pay much less for it.

  • iPad (regular): In the case of the basic range, we usually find renewals in the month of September. Therefore, the closer it is to this month, the more advisable it is not to buy anything and wait. August is usually a month with many iPad offers in this range precisely for this reason, but we believe that they will drop more in price when the new one is official.
  • iPad Air and iPad mini: seeing how the evolution of these two has been, we can foresee that they are renewed every 2 years. If we take into account that the ‘Air’ was renewed in 2020 and that the 5th generation could come out in March, it seems that now is not a good time, although we must also say that there is some controversy and it could be presented in September. The ‘mini’ for its part does not seem to be in danger, since it was renewed only a few months ago and its purchase is still more than recommended at any time this year.
  • iPadPro: these devices already have reserved the months of March and April as their renewal dates. Therefore, we are almost in stoppage time. If you need to get one now, go ahead, but if you can wait you will find a saving option with the release of the new ones.

When comes Black Friday and other similar events

It should be noted that, regardless of its launch, there are certain events in which the iPad drops in price. For example in black friday, which despite indicating a day is usually a whole week in which many stores reduce products of all kinds. It is usually always in the week of November 25. It may even be that Apple on those dates, although it does not make sales as such, offer gift cards with the purchase of any of them.

amazon prime day 2021

The Amazon Prime Days These are days of discounts in the popular online store where you can find offers of all kinds. It is usually held in the month of June and although not all iPads are on sale on those dates, there are some that are and it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the offers.

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