Mujjo could not miss the launch of cases for the new iPhone 13

In an aftermarket as large as Apple products have, Brands of the stature of Mujjo have to launch their products as soon as possible and without losing their personal stamp. In this case Mujjo is one of the accessory firms for Apple products that offers a quality comparable to that of the Cupertino firm but with its own style.

As the new iPhone 13 are the star product at this September event, Mujjo puts on the table a series of cases compatible with the different models. In all these products the quality is high, so without a doubt this signature must be taken into account when we are going to buy a quality cover.

High-quality leather and protection enhancements

Mujjo covers

Mujjo leather cases are available for all iPhone 13 models, and this time with enhanced protection. What improves protection in this case clearly refers to the fact that the bottom of the covers are closed. Yes, it was the only “bad” thing about excellent covers and the firm knew how to rectify it in time by closing all the edges of the covers, even the lower part shown in the images.

On the other hand, another improvement in these cases is the part of the bezel that covers the cameras. The new covers now come with a slightly higher bezel around the iPhone’s rear camera which will serve to protect the protruding lenses from scratches and abrasive surfaces.

The good thing about this brand is that it is not new in the sector, it has experience and we know for sure that the products they offer are of high quality. If what we need right now is a quality alternative, we can count on the different models they offer: the wallet, to add the card and those that do not add the card holder.

Compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, the cases have a price from 44.90 to 54.90 euros (VAT included for European customers).

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