When will the next big Movistar+ series premiere?

It was one of the topics that gave the most talk at the end of 2021. With the current situation and the winter that is upon us, everything indicates that what we saw last year was nothing more than a preview of what we would suffer this 2022. What would you do if the power suddenly went out and didn’t come back? Would you be able to survive without electricity? This is the topic that will be addressed. Blackout, a five-story miniseries that will premiere next week on Movistar Plus+.

Would we survive in a world without electricity?

We live in a society totally dependent on electricity. Electrons have become a fundamental part of our daily lives. From the alarm that wakes us up in the morning to the electric toothbrush we use before going to sleep. It is not surprising that there is a widespread fear in society of running out of electricity.

Blackout is a series of five chapters that will capture on the screen of our televisions what would happen if one day we stopped having electricity. The series is inspired by the podcast the big blackoutfrom Podium Podcastand is produced by Buendía Estudios for Movistar Plus+.

The writers of Blackout They have thought the series down to the smallest detail. The series set in Spain will narrate what happens after a solar storm causing a widespread blackout across the planet. The electromagnetic pulse would send humanity back to prehistory. Society would be forced to relearn how to survive in a world that has to return to its origins. No telecommunications, no means of transportation and simple ways to heat water.

5 episodes, 5 stories and 5 directors

The five episodes of this series narrate the life of five protagonists independently living in Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, Guadalajara and Ciudad Real. From each point of view we will see the peculiar way that all of them, together with their families, will have to get ahead after the tragedy.

The team that is in charge of the series has a reputation more than carved. Between them they add 13 Goya Awards. Each of the chapters is assigned a different director and a team of writers who will take turns:

  • Episode 1: Denial. Direction of Rodrigo Sorogoyen and script by Isabel Peña.
  • Episode 2: Emergency. Direction of Raul Arevalo. Screenplay by Alberto Marini, Raúl Arévalo and Fran Araújo.
  • Episode 3: Confrontation. Direction of isa field. Screenplay by Isa Campo and Fran Araújo.
  • Episode 4: Survival. Alberto Rodriguez will be the director, while the script will be done by Rafael Cobos.
  • Episode 5: Balance. The direction of the final episode will be in the hands of Isaki Lacuesta. The scriptwriters are again in this case Isa Campo and Fran Araújo.

In addition, the series has the participation of Maria Vazquez (who kills with iron) Mourad Ouani (Unit) Y Sofia the Bouanani (Carmen and Lola).

As we said, the series will be exclusive to Movistar Plus +. It will reach the televisions of the subscribers of this platform the next Thursday September 29.

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