When you should use a WiFi repeater or amplifier to improve the signal

When are wireless repeaters useful?

A repeater can be said to be a device that helps boost Wi-Fi signal to a place. If we have speed problems, cuts or there is some kind of limitation to be able to navigate wirelessly with other devices, an amplifier of this type can be very useful. But especially it is in some circumstances.

The router has low power

One of them is when we have a router with little power. There are differences that can be noticeable between one device and another. Perhaps the device you have does not have antennas powerful enough to reach further and you cannot connect from certain areas or it works worse.

The same could happen if we use a limited apparatus to connect to the router. The distance may be excessive and we would have problems. A Wi-Fi repeater will act as a bridge and we will be able to connect without so many problems and make the connection improve remarkably.

you have dead zones

Dead zones are another major problem in order to have a good Internet connection. What does this mean? It’s a place where the wireless connection does not reach. For example, a room where the router signal does not reach, a space where there are interferences or obstacles that prevent the wireless network from being correct, etc.

Again, wireless boosters or repeaters are going to prevent this. They are going to bridge that distance and that dead zone will no longer be. You will be able to connect computers, mobiles, televisions… Any device that works by Wi-Fi and that has this access point closer.

You need to connect more devices somewhere

Something similar happens when we need to connect more gadgets in a certain place. For example it can be a room. Perhaps the signal is not strong enough there and there are problems connecting many devices. A Wi-Fi repeater can be useful, since it will receive the signal from the router and project it more strongly in that area.

You will be able to connect more devices without so many problems and always have access to the network wirelessly from all those devices. Now, you need to place the repeater in the right place so that the signal goes well, without cuts appearing.

You will connect from many points

But it can also happen that you are not going to concentrate the connection in one area, quite the opposite. Maybe you will connect from multiple rooms and that means that the signal does not reach all of them well and the router cannot offer good coverage to navigate the network without errors appearing.

You will be able to place a repeater or even several repeaters throughout the house and thus enhance the signal in all these areas where you will need to have wireless Internet access.

In short, as you have seen, there are different circumstances in which it may be more important to have a Wi-Fi repeater or amplifier. This will allow you to avoid crashes, reduce dropouts, and keep the speed just right at all times. You can see the best places to place a Wi-Fi repeater.

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