Where does PcComponentes have its physical stores to buy?

If there is an online store in Spain that perhaps does not need an introduction, especially among hardware fans, it is PcComponents. Founded in 2005 in a small town in Murcia, PcComponentes has had a great expansion in our country and not only in terms of sales, but also geographically. Starting as a small physical store in Alhama de Murcia to become a giant of online sales, until reaching the most cutting-edge corners with the opening of some physical stores. But where are these stores?

When the trend in our country was the migration of small neighborhood stores to online computer stores with greater or lesser output, PcComponentes on March 21, 2017 decided to open its first physical store outside of Murcia. The chosen place Madrid, but since then different centers have been opening throughout our geography. So where can we find the PcComponentes physical stores?

PcComponentes in Alhama de Murcia

The first of the physical stores of PcComponentes and logistics headquarters of the orange e-commerce giant.

Although there have been several locations since 2005, currently PcComponentes has moved its physical sale and collection of orders for the Murcia region to its gigantic industrial warehouse in the Polígono de Las Salinas, in the same Alhama de Murcia. You can easily locate it in the Avda. Europa, Parcela 2-5 and 2-6

PcComponentes physical stores in Madrid

PcComponentes Madrid

With its opening in 2017, PcComponentes Madrid Store gave a turn of the page to online sales, being the first physical store outside Murcia of the Online store, the chosen place was in the Spanish capital. Its location in Cavanilles street, 35 in Madrid and very close to the well-known Retiro park.

Wait and don’t run. If you expect to find a large shopping center there or a store full of graphic shelves, we are sorry, you will not find it. In the purest Apple Store style, PcComponentes with its physical store in Madrid has sought to offer a service and mainly a collection point. From there they will not only be able to help you configure your equipment or choose your hardware, but you will also be able to collect your previously purchased orders in the online store or have a selection of specific stock to purchase in the store.

PcComponentes in Barcelona: yes, but no.

PcComponentes Barcelona

Xperience Center of PcComponentes in Barcelona is not a store where you can buy to use, it is basically one more turn of the screw to what could be seen in the Madrid store. With the good functioning of these years by the Murcian ecommerce to what physical stores refer to in our geography, PcComponentes opened its third physical store at the beginning of 2020, in the very heart of Barcelona next to Plaza Cataluña, more specifically in Carrer de Fontanella, nº 5-7.

But contrary to what we might think, this new bet by PcComponentes gives a twist to what we have seen in its physical store in Madrid or in its logistics headquarters in Alhama de Murcia. From Xperience Center Barcelona by PcComponentes, they offer a place to “play”, test and experience technology, within a large open space prepared for events and showrooms.

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