Where to watch the 2022 Golden Globes winning series and films

Times have changed a lot. Now, not only the series, but many of the films recently awarded with the Golden Globes, you can also see them from your sofa, without having to put up with those who do not leave their mobile phones or talk all the time at the cinema.

Quite a blessing, really. So we tell you where to see each winner this year.

Where to see the 2022 Golden Globes winning films

We start with the films, because, following this change in the cycle, the best drama film has been produced and released, in its entirety, by an online platform.

Golden Globe for Best Drama Film: The Power of the Dog (Netflix)

Director Jane Campion returns to direct Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) in a powerful story of western, which tells of the conflict between two brothers.

Produced by Netflix you can there for a few weeks.

Golden Globe for Best Musical or Comedy Film: West Side Story (Only in theaters)

Spielberg has shown that he still has quite a bit of craft left after some uninspired films. His remake from West side story It’s his best movie in a while and it’s a shame the box office didn’t show up.

Maybe the Golden Globe will lift the box office a bit because, for now, it’s only in theaters.

Golden Globe for Best Animated Film: Encanto (Disney Plus)

Lin-Manuel Miranda is everywhere and seems to compose all the music for the last successful films of the musical genre. Perhaps that is why, he is in charge of doing it also in Charm, the latest Disney animated film.

You can see it on Disney Plus And, at the time of this writing, also in many theaters still.

Golden Globe for the best foreign film: Drive my car (pending in cinemas and Filmin)

The winner of the Golden Globe for best foreign film has been the Japanese Drive my car. Still pending release in Spanish cinemas, February 4, 2022 arrives and the platform Filmin has announced that it will also have it for that date.

So now you know, if you are a cinema connoisseur, the Filmin subscription is almost a must.

Where to see the series awarded at the Golden Globes 2022

From movies we went to series and a certain platform of streaming He has punched the table, making it clear that, as a quality, nobody beats him.

Golden Globe Award for Best Drama Series: Succession (HBO Max)

My prediction came true (you see what I got right) and, luckily, the popularity of The Squid Game He has not given you an undeserved reward.

The power struggles of the members of the Roy family you have them on HBO Max. Its 3 seasons are essential.

Golden Globe Award for Best Musical or Comedy Series: Hacks (HBO Max)

HBO Max once again makes it clear that it is not the one that makes the most series, but the ones it does have are the best. So repeat with Hacks in award to the best comedy or musical series.

Lucia Anniello’s work on A Las Vegas diva on the decline recently premiered on HBO Max, So there’s no excuse.

As you can see, except for a couple of options, you can watch the 2022 Golden Globes winning films and series from the comfort of your living room. Go prepare the microwave popcorn and have a good marathon.

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