Where you should never download a VPN from to be safe

VPN programs are widely used and useful today. They serve to hide the real IP address, encrypt the connection and be able to navigate with greater security through public networks. However, it is important to use an application that is reliable, works well and is not a problem. In this article we are going to explain where you should never download a VPN and thus avoid putting your security and privacy at risk.

Errors when downloading a VPN

There are common mistakes that we can make when installing any program. This can affect security and privacy, but especially when using apps like a vpn the problem may be bigger. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid risks and know where we should never download these tools from.

unknown pages

The first thing is that you must avoid downloading VPNs from unknown websites. For example, you should not download programs from a website that you have accessed by chance, without really knowing who is behind that site. It could contain malware and what you download could be a security problem.

Our advice is that whenever you are going to install a VPN, do it directly from its official website or use a secure application store, such as Google Play. This way you will avoid, or at least you will be less likely to install software that has been maliciously modified to steal data or sneak a virus.

Whenever you are going to install something you should check the source and inform yourself in case of doubts. Simply with a Google search you can see if a page is safe or there is a user who has made a comment saying that it is a scam and that site is not trustworthy.

Links that arrive by mail

You should also not install a VPN through links that can arrive by email or social networks. Cybercriminals could use fake links to get us to a page that actually contains viruses. When we download that program we are not installing the VPN, but malware.

Through links that arrive through means such as email, hackers have many more options to reach a large number of users. It is a very simple and fast method to be able to send messages and reach more people.

Pop-up messages in the browser

When we browse the Internet, sometimes messages appear on the browser that alert us to a problem. The typical message that tells us that our browser is outdated or that it has a virus is common. They invite us to click and install a supposed program or update that will solve the problem immediately.

They can do the same thing with a VPN that, supposedly, is going to make our browsing protected. In reality, it is a bait, one more scam, with which we will be downloading malicious software and infecting the system. It is essential to avoid this and never download a program, whatever its type, from alarming messages of this type.

In short, these are some issues that you should take into account if you are going to download an Internet VPN. It is essential to avoid making mistakes that could expose your personal information and affect the operation and security of the device. Using an insecure VPN affects the teams and will affect privacy.

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