Which Oscars 2023 movie you should see according to your tastes

The Oscars 2023 They will be held this month of March, specifically at dawn on the 13th (less than two weeks left!) and perhaps now you are in a rush to see some of the titles you still have earring and who opt for the precious Hollywood statuette. If this is the case, today we are going to make it easier than ever with a nice diagram that tells you which tape to watch according to your tastes and mood. Look at this.

Which Oscar-nominated movie you should see

In case you still have a long list of pending tapes to review for these next Oscars -admit it, you also love later protesting on Twitter full of reasons because they have not given the award to who you thought would most deserved- and you want to get it right, today we have the perfect tool that will help you find the most suitable movies for you.

It is a nice diagram created by the people of ExpressVPN in which as you answer various questions about your preferences, you will be led to the right title for you.


Would you like to see something tear-jerking or without having to use the handkerchief? Epic roll or murder involved? Would you like to see tech moguls or influencers ridiculed? For each question there is an answer that will guide you so that you always choose the nominated film that best suits you at this moment and that goes from the biographical Elvis -image of his actor, also nominated, Austin Butler, on these lines-, which you can see on HBO Max, to the entertaining Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mysterywhich you have available on Netflix.

You just have to click on the image to enlarge and start playing… you have 11 days left!

Diagram with Oscar 2023 movies

What Oscar-winning movie to stream?

If you prefer to let go of the novelty of the nominated films and yours is more to bet on consolidated cinema and with the statuette under his arm, then we have a diagram for you too. It is a similar approach in which only proposals for films that have won the award appear and are currently available (mostly) in some streaming platform.

With the same signature as in the previous diagram, you will only have to start from the top and answer different questions according to your tastes until you find the title that best suits you and your current moment.

A scene from Parasite by Bong Joon-ho

You’ll find proposals as mythical as White House (he won the Oscar in 1943 and is available on HBO Max) or Ben Hur (from 1957, you can see it on HBO Max), going through the tender Forrest Gump (1994; it’s on Netflix) or the media titanic (from 1997, you have it one click away on Disney+) until you reach parasites (2020; image on these lines) or nomad land (which took the golden statuette in 2021 and is available on Disney +).

Take a look at the diagram below – to view it larger in a new tab, click on it – and let it guide you to find the movie that best suits you at the moment.

Diagram with Oscars winning movies

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