Why are you interested in creating content libraries on Kodi?

When we talk about Kodi media center, actually we refer to a complete program for the management and reproduction of photos, videos, music, etc. In addition, all this distributed in a curious user interface that in turn is full of functions of all kinds.

Not in vain because we are talking about one of the most used programs of this type in the world and that also does not stop gaining popularity. The reasons for all this, among others, are the compatibility it presents, the available functions, operating modes, interface, etc. In fact, when we run Kodi on our computer, at first it might even give us the feeling that we are entering a new operating system.

This is due to the fact that it uses its own interface that does not adapt in the least to the main system that we have installed in the computer. To all this, we can add the fact that we have the possibility of installing add-ons to the program. Also known as ad-ons, these add new functions and features to the media center to make it even more useful.

From here we have the possibility of managing and working with content of the most diverse nature. We talk about viewing images, watching movies and series videos, playing music, TV channels, programs or games, etc. For all this, what we normally do is create a personal library of this type of content that will be very helpful, as we are going to show you. In fact, below, we will talk about the usefulness of this type of Kodi libraries and how they can help us.

Allow quick access to content

This is a program that allows us to work with our multimedia content in multiple ways. However, one of the most effective and useful is by creating the aforementioned content libraries. We can create these independently depending on the type of files, and one of its main advantages is the quick access to all of these.

In this way, although at first it is a somewhat cumbersome task, in subsequent sessions with Kodi we will be able to access all the files, corresponding to their format, in a much more direct and faster way.

Manage photos, videos or music in a unified way

We have already mentioned before that depending on the type of content we are talking about, we can create independent libraries for each format. So we can group all our music, series or movie files, etc. in a single library. As you can imagine, these libraries will therefore allow us unify the contents of our PC in a single link for convenience in most cases.

Avoid browsing hard drives in search of files

It is true that the program itself is able to browse our disk drives to find these files that we want to reproduce. However, if they are many or somewhat hidden, the use of libraries can help us greatly. Thanks to the initial creation of these containers, we save ourselves the sometimes annoying navigation through the different disk paths.

In addition, with a correct creation of different libraries for each type of file, we can create a fully organized multimedia center to our liking. This is something that is certain with the passage of time and the use of Kodi, we will appreciate.

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