Why did Jony Ive leave Apple?

The British designer was one of the most important pieces of the North American company, but a few years ago his time at Apple ended. There were many rumors regarding his departure, but There were several causes that led to his leaving Apple. In this post we tell you the most important ones.

These are the reasons why he left

After more than two decades designing for Apple, and being in charge of such important designs as the iPod or the first iMac for personal use, Ive decided to separate his path from that of Apple. It is characterized by knowing how to unite the product vision that Apple had, using all the technology that it had at its disposal. When he worked for Apple, he strove for every design to be detail-oriented and near-perfect. This made him become one of the most important pieces of the company, since he came to develop very complicated and expensive techniques. Another of his masterpieces was the design of Apple Park, Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino.

Ive is characterized by being very perfectionist and wanting to always have designs that are beautiful and practical for the user at the same time, and proof of this are all the products that he has left in Apple with his personal stamp. In addition to the first device designs as important as the iPod or the iMac, he was the one who created the iPhone, the mobile phone that changed the panorama of telephones, and the iPad, a tremendously complete tablet, with a very simple and comfortable design.

Jony and Steve

One of the keys to Jony Ive’s departure began to be defined after the launch of the Apple Watch. The smart watch was Ive’s first product after the death of Steve Jobs and served as a trigger. At the same time, conflicts in the perception of the product and its promotion became apparent between the designer and the marketing team. When Jobs died, Jony, in addition to being responsible for design, also became responsible for marketing.

While Ive was betting on seducing the fashion industry, advertisers wanted an Apple Watch focused on physical activity. The friction between the two reached its strongest point during the device announcement event. Jony wanted a luxurious white marquee with a budget of $25 million, while the marketers were looking for something more traditional, in line with the company’s usual line. To Jony Ive He also didn’t like Apple’s transition to a service company..

There were several reasons why Ive finally decided to leave Apple, and without a doubtIt was something quite shocking for all Apple fans since they made a very good union and had managed to relaunch the company when in the 90s it did not obtain the expected success, but the death of Steve Jobs and the new approach that the new directors gave to Apple, made Jony not feel comfortable and make the decision to leave.

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