Why do I get so much spam in my email inbox

The first thing we are going to briefly see is why I have so much spam in my e-mail. Then we will see how to act to tackle the problem. Finally, we will see a series of strategies that we can use to avoid being victims of the problem again.

Why do I have so much spam in my inbox

The Spam we can define it as a junk mail, a unwanted mail or unsolicited mail, and that refers to some e-mails that we have not requested. They are obviously unwanted, have an unknown sender and are usually of the advertising type.

In most cases, these types of messages are simply unwanted advertising messages. However, we must be alert because sometimes these emails can contain malware, malicious links to insecure websites or files that seek to attack our computers. You may be interested in knowing the dangers of Spam and Phishing.

One thing for sure is that having so much spam in our tray can be very harmful due to:

  • It is a waste of time for us.
  • If we are working, it generates lower productivity for the company.
  • It also generates stress and fatigue having to dedicate ourselves to erasing what we have not asked for.

In these cases, it does not happen simply by deleting that email. Here we have to go one step further and classify that email as Spam so as not to receive any more emails from that sender.

This is very important to do so because otherwise we will receive messages from you again. Then you have to weather the storm with patience until we reduce Spam. Also a curious thing that we face is that sometimes e-mails arrive as Spam that they are not. A typical case is usually when we register on a new site.

Regarding the reasons why we have so much spam in our e-mail they have to do with writing our e-mail address in a public forum. However, it is not the only one, be careful with respect to the sites that we register or to which we request information about an offer or product using our mail. In summary, we must act with common sense and do not publish our e-mail in forums, social networks or put it to receive offers and promotions.

What can we do to avoid spam?

Now is the time to work on a series of strategies so that we do not get so much spam to our e-mail. One of the simplest would be to have three well-defined email accounts. We are going to do this according to their use and so that they can be used in the different areas of our life. Thus, we are going to proceed to work using three email accounts:

  1. E-mail for work: its objective is to separate our work life from our personal one.
  2. Personal or private mail: is the one that we are going to use with friends, family and banks. Here you can also include your online purchases, payment methods such as PayPal and reputable forums.
  3. E-mail for doubtful matters: can be used to receive offers and register on a site if you do not know if it is trustworthy.

This third e-mail will prevent the other two that are vital for us from having so much spam, and if done right, we will rarely receive any.

It may also be that on some occasion we are almost sure that what they are going to send us is Spam. So, if we do not want that third email, even if it is not vital for us, to be filled with Spam, we can resort to temporary emails. In most cases it does not require registrations, privacy is maintained but they expire after a certain period of time.

In summary, we have seen why so much spam occurs and we have offered strategies to reduce it or to make it practically disappear, we hope that with these tips your inbox will have less spam than before.

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